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EC5 5mm Connector (Pair)

EC5 5mm Connector (Pair)

EC5 Connector
5mm Bullet-connectors.


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Total of 34 discussions.
foysekis  7 points - 3/14/2014
Hansen  1 points - 1/11/2014
HI how much will it cost for shipping to Asia/Brunei Darussalam for 6 pairs EC5 Connector 5mm Bullet-connectors. PRODUCT ID: EC5
 wellmanite 489 points
It should cost about $6 using the international (registered) option. You can determine shipping costs in the future by adding up the total weight of your items and checking the postage table link at the very bottom of the page, or act like you are buying the items, and when it comes to the screen where you choose the shipping option it will tell you the cost.
david  32 points - 12/23/2013
whould this fit with 5.5 mm bullet conneector of a battery>
 Egholm 38 points
Nope. They are 5mm hence the name EC5. EC3 are 3mm :)
 Brad 11 points
Actually EC3 are 3.5mm not 3mm but I guess EC3.5 didn't sound as good :)
club17  106 points - 10/9/2013
It would be better if they were sold separately. You only use 1 male connector on the esc. Buying the connectors just for batteries would be a good idea.
 venkateswaran 17 points
i suggest not to use two male or two female on positive and negatives of the battery. i put one male and female on my battery. its easy to make them in series if i want them, i can charge 3 of 2s in series as one 6s battery ( all my four batteries are of same spec) and you wont waste any male or female pins and most importantly you wont damage the esc by connecting positive to positive by mistake.
JULIO  3 points - 7/28/2013
2 suggestions: I wish the connectors were bullet instead of banana. Sell them in 5 pair or 10 pair. Then these would be great.
 Dmaan 102 points
Julio, I agree 100% on both accounts. It is interesting that the company that makes up the 6x parallel harness (PC-EC5) is using factory connectors while these are obvious clones. 5 of these are about the same as the 5 pack of XT90s. I went to XT90s because of the better connectors but I am not thrilled with them because of the external solder point and shrink tubing. Would go to EC5s if they upgraded the connectors.
 rizky_p 281 points
Indeed i would be more interested in ec5 bullet.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
20 thumbs up!
I really like these connectors. They are NOT 4mm connectors as stated, they are 5mm. I use them for batteries that are larger than 3300mAh 3S, and I think that they can easily carry 120plus amps. The cost can't be beat for the quality, and the quality is just as good as the HH guys. They are very easy to solder, and the barrels "SNAP" into place perfectly (the barrel is inserted from the grip side). All other plus points mentioned, I agree with.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
These are really good connectors, better than the flightmax/HXT red 4mm connectors.
*shorter so easier to work with in tight space,
*need a small screw driver to snap the tips in the connectors (very secure)
*BIG takes 8awg easy
*Nice solid connections, not too hard, not too soft

For those who are wondering, smaller size is the Battery, and larger is the ESC, Flat sided takes the red wire.

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Overall Rating

4 thumbs up!
Running these on my 600ESP and 700LE Electric conversion. Was using Deans. These are much easier to solder and mount. They are easy to connect and disconnect. I'll never use Deans types again!

At 5mm they can take all the amps my birds can throw at them and not even break a sweat!

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Overall Rating

3 thumbs up!
Cool connection for my trex 600

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
This parts is good to connect batterys to escs

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