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HobbyKing™ Simplex 1~4S LiPo/LiFe 12,110~240v charger.

HobbyKing™ Simplex 1~4S LiPo/LiFe 12,110~240v charger.
HobbyKing™ Simplex 1~4S LiPo/LiFe 12,110~240v charger.

A super simple Lipoly charger that comes with JST-XH balance plugs so you can charge all Rhino, Flightmax and Turnigy batteries with ease!
It's inbuilt adapter means you can plug this into any power point of 110 or 220/240v and start charging right away.
This charger doesnt have all the functions of some of the other chargers, however it has an inbuilt balancing function and ac adapter for simple, no mess charging.
The Simplex charger also includes 12v wire leads, so you can charge from your car or 12v power source while at the field.

10 bit AD voltage and calculation
With voltage booster circuit to charge 1~4S Lipo/LiFe battery pack
Built-in balance charge with balance sockets for for Lipo/LiFe battery pack
Selectable charge rate 0.5A, 1.0A, 1.5A, 2A
Automatically memorize the last setting of balance charge rate
With LED and beeper to indicate the charge status
Input and output have reverse protection'
With low-voltage warning alarm (DC 10V)
Input voltage AC 90~240V, DC 12V
Built in cooling fan to insure no over heating during charging

Input voltage: AC 90~240V / DC 12V 
Charge Current: 0.5~2.0A 
Battery type: Lipo/LiFe


Weight: 619g Quantity: 
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Price $27.98

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 Customer rated
Total of 35 discussions.
craig  2 points - 7/10/2014
is this charging pack a good starter for charging 700 mah up to 2000 mah
beejay  17 points - 5/13/2014
Yes, no problem. You can charge e.g. a 800 mAh pack or e.g. a 5000 mAh pack and everything in between. The 5000 mAh pack will need more time to get ful, of course.
Pancho  7 points - 5/13/2014
And can you charge a 1300mah lipo battery in this charger ??? Thanks
 fabrice 67 points
yes no problem
Pancho  7 points - 5/13/2014
This charger comes with the xt60 connector for the turnigy 1/16 4wd racing buggy??
 beejay 17 points
No. (see also reviews)
fabien  1 points - 2/5/2014
bonjour .recherche le mode d emplois enfrancais
 fabrice 67 points
il n'y'a pas de notice en franç*ais mais tellement simple à* utiliser. juste utiliser le bouton start/select pour faire dé*filer le menu, exemple charge accus 1300 mah 3s faire dé*filer jusqu'à* 1.5ah lumiè*re rouge pour lipo lumiè*re verte life. quand tout est sé*lectionné* un appui long sur start 3 bip et la charge commence une fois fini plusieurs bip indique fin de charge
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works perfectly, excellent price/quality ratio! Can't get anything better at this price, would buy again for sure!

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Nice charger but it is not as "plug and play" as it looks. Both the balacing lead and main power lead have to be connected to the charger. This means you have to fabricate your own adapters. So get that welding torch out! The only plug that is supplied with this kit is a tiny connector mostly found on 1s or 2s Lipo.I tested the Charger with a 3sp1 1600mah, total end voltage was 12.8V instead of 11.1V. Overal nice, and easy but not truly a winner.

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Great charger. It is not plug and play but HK sells battery harness with the proper connector that will make it plug & Play. You have to hook up to main battery leads AND the balance connector on the battery for this charger to work. Also if U.S. you need to change out the 120v plug, no big deal. I like the beep every 40 seconds when charge is complete to remind you to disconnect it. You can't beat the price!

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Overall Rating
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Works fine so far, a bit noisy. Pluggin the balance cord can be a pain, since the socket is compressed by the charger hood. Too bad xt60 connector is not included, you can use idProduct=10266.

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