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HobbyKing 40A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

HobbyKing 40A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

Its no “Mystery” where these ESCs are made, now they are available to you at HobbyKing prices.

Built with imported N-Channel mosFET's and an ultra fast Atmel MCU & heartbeat make this a high performance ESC with excellent sync capabilities. This ESC has a 4A SBEC for solid reliable servo power.
Programmable via an R/C controller.It allows you to program all functions to fit your specific needs, which makes it efficient and user friendly.
Extremely low internal resistance
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Over heat and over-load protection
Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 2 seconds
Supports high RPM motors
Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON)
New Advanced programming software
Programming features:
Brake setting (we recommend using brake for only folding props applications)
Battery type(LiPo or NiCd/NiMh)
Low voltage cutoff setting
Factory default setup restore
Timing settings (to enhance ESC efficiency and smoothness)
Soft acceleration start ups (for delicate gearbox and helicopter applications)
Governor mode(for helicopter applications)
Motor rotation( clockwise\counterclockwise)
Switching frequency
Low voltage cutoff type (power reduction orirnmediate shutdown)
Factory default settings:
Brake:  off
Battery type Detect:  LiPo with Automatic Cell
Low voltage cutoff threshold:  Medium (3.0V/65%)
Timing setup:  Automatic
Soft Acceleration Start Up:  Medium
Governor mode :  OFF
Frequency :  8kHz
Low voltage cutoff type:  Reduce power

Cont. Current: 40A
Burst Current: 60A
Battery: 2-6 Cell Lipo / 5-18 Cell Ni-XX
SBEC: 5.5V/ 4A Output
Size: 52*23*7mm
Weight: 30g


Weight: 49g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD154.81

  • Mystery 40A Brushless Speed Controller (Blue Series)

    Combo Price: HKD164.12   IN STOCK

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izzzzzz6  14 points - 12/21/2014
Does anyone know at which voltage this is 40A rated? Because 40A x 22.2V = 888W BUT 7.4V x 40A = 296W This is a huge difference!
izzzzzz6  14 points - 12/21/2014
Can anyone confirm or explain the difference between this ESC and the Mystery 40A if there is one as the Mystery is more expensive.
izzzzzz6  14 points - 12/21/2014
Can anybody tell me if this will slide inside a 25mm internal diameter tube? being 23mm x 7mm it looks close..
John Mikael  1 points - 12/15/2014
Annyone else having problems with theese and the naze32? i get the "Continuous beeping tone (****) –* Indicates that throttle stick is not in the minimum position" whatever i do... or.. i get that on two of the esc's, the last one seems to start up properly.. anny ideas? :)
 izzzzzz6 14 points
Did you check the radio settings, (mixes and end points) and calibrate the ESCs from the tab in the software. Check this video, the second part may
Timmy  2 points - 12/3/2014
What type of connectors does it have?
 John Mikael 1 points
none, remember to buy some connectors if you don't have then already :)
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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Every motor I've tried with this ESC runs VERY hot. Also my battery time is shorter. You can to better in this price range.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Wow, I am glad I bought this when I did! This is a fantastic speed control. I hooked it up to my new HK 450MT project and have had no problems. I haven't gotten the chance to really load it up yet, but it runs cool in hovering (test flights).

I deducted one star because it comes with no instructions. While you can build the HK 450 with T-Rex instructions, I wouldn't attempt programming the ESC with them!

Thanks again, HK!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
-Still Did not test it
Great Quality..... Even shipping is Good. I m from India and I ordered about .983 Kg(Total) and i received it within 11 Dayz from the date of Shipping.....Thats Great... Thankx Hobby King.. :-)

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Good quality ESC
weight is 39.1g with XT60 plug and 3mm bullet connectors
The servo wire is long (26cm)

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Best ESC so far, will not use others for the time being. Very easy to program with the correct programming card.

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