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Signal loss Alarm & Lost Plane Finder

Signal loss Alarm & Lost Plane Finder

Signal loss Alarm & Lost Plane Finder, simple device that plugs into any servo/rx port, will detect the loss of TX signal and emit a loud 85dB alarm. Ideal for warning you if you have not turned off your RX power supply while in the pits, or if you are having trouble finding a model in the long grass, simply turn off your TX and within a minute, the alarm will sound!

Weight: 4.5g
Operating Voltage: 4v~6v
Current Drain: 1~35mAh

PRODUCT ID: OR022-01702

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Weight: 17g
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Price  $4.34

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Jean-Pierre  5 points - 3/11/2015
Hello it compatible with the orange receiver in Fasst futaba Is??? thank you. jp
paktazh  14 points - 1/4/2015
can some one tell me how to set up this with DJI Naza thanks
 naxos 105 points
you don't have to, just plug it in a spare channel on your Rx and you are done!
LasseK  1653 points - 10/11/2014
Wasn't allowed to enter a regular review, so I put it here. I give this thing three stars only. It isn't really that loud, I'm questioning how far the sound will actually carry. It is also annoying that it isn't enough with just moving the stick a little, you actually have to go to an extreme to avoid that this alarm goes off! That's not very practical. Deduct one star for the lack of beep volume, and another star for the inability to detect small movements on the connected channel. Not the best product.
 LasseK 1653 points
Check out this one instead: 9090000002-0. It's louder, works much better and can also monitor your LiPo battery. Cheers!
mskunt  8 points - 9/16/2014
how can I use this with rssi port. It doesnt work on my d8r XP rssi port.
daelura  7 points - 9/15/2014
Hello,could it work with a 1s lipo(3.7v)? I have seen that it works with 4-6v but in the practise...3.7 will be enough? Thanks
Customer Reviews
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Ich habe mal einen zur Probe bestellt und bin begeistert. Ist geeignet für alle Übertragungsarten und auch für Failsave! Am besten zwischen einen oft benötigten Kanal und dem Servo Stecken. Tip: Quer oder Höhe. Wenn längere Zeit keine Änderung am Steuerknüppel erfolgt, dann piest er einmal und nach ein paar Sekunden wieder einmal. Wird der Steuerknüppel dann bewegt hört er damit auf. Wenn weiterhin keine Bewegung am Steuerknüppel erfolgt, dann gibt er etwas später ununterbrochen SOS Morsetöne von sich. Diese lassen sich dann nur noch mit dem Ausschalten des Empfängers abstellen. Der Piepser ist sehr laut und muß natürlich den Schall nach draußen abstrahlen können. Also ein kleines Loch in den Rumpf bohren. Ich werde mir noch mehrere kaufen.

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Overall Rating
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Very light. When I used it instead 15CM Servo Lead Ehtention, the weight of the model has not increased.

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Overall Rating
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I dont tested in practice yet, but works when i left the batery on and turn the transmiter off

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Overall Rating
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Works and is very light. Would be better if we could activate it using the transmitter instead (these are for sale also). I mostly use it to find my plane when crashed in the field.

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No caso de queda, é muito recomendado para quem voa em lugares de bastante vegetação ou mesmo mato ou grama alto.

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