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2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver, ESC and 2 x Linear Servos All-in-one (3ch)

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver, ESC and 2 x Linear Servos All-in-one (3ch)

The 2.4ghz SuperMicro All-in-one unit combines a receiver, 2A brushed ESC and 2 x linear servos in one compact micro sized PCB.

Channels: 3
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Type: FHSS
ESC: 2A integrated brushed
Size: 45.00mm x 7.80mm x 13.00mm
Weight: 2.5g (w/out wires)
Voltage: 3.0V~4.2V (1S Lipoly)
Antenna Length: 30mm

Programable ESC
1mm JST connector
Compatible with the optional SuperMicro brushless ESC (HK030)

1 x HK0104ARX-LS All-in-one unit

2.4Ghz SuperMicro System module


Weight: 15g Quantity: 

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Frank  3 points - 3/8/2014
The module is mx-0104arx-ls that I would like to bind with my e flite. Lp5dsm transmitter!Help!
Frank  3 points - 3/7/2014
I cannot bind my hko104amicro system To my e flite fhss transmitter! Can any one help
Mike  2 points - 12/11/2013
Is it possible to change channels 1 to 3?
colin  5 points - 12/5/2013
I have a Turnigy 9x, what SuperMicro System module for 2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver, ESC and 2 x Linear Servos All-in-one (3ch) ?
Walter Clark  25 points - 7/26/2013
Does anyone know if the "OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2" transmitter will work with this "type FHSS" receiver? If not, what transmitter will work with it?
 Alan_L 337 points
NO. It will only work with the HK module in a module type TX. The 9x/ 9xr will work with a HM module
Customer Reviews
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Flew my 25" 2 channel scale glider with this system using futaba module. The ariel was detached on receipt and I had to resolder it, otherwise it worked and bound with no problems. Servos have very little power so a friction free wire run to horns and free hinges(floppy disc plastic) is required. One servo seems more powerful than the other and they are a bit jerky in operation but centre well. Overall this is suitable for my application and I am happy with my purchase. Have not checked the systems range yet.

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This has been a letdown for me... I bought this along with the JR module to control a small glider. When I installed the module, I found that I had to cut out a section of the casing to get it in. It was fine once I did. I then charged my battery with a DIY plug as the 1-4S charger that I got had no 1s plug, and plugged it into my receiver. I received no instructions on how to bind, so I spent 20 minutes looking online for instructions. Once I binded it, the servo movements were jerky and troublesome at best. When I moved the servo too much, I lost connection to my Transmitter. I finally installed it on my plane, and found that the servos can push barely anything, and lost signal if I was in the other room. So after an afternoon of troubleshooting, they didn't work as expected. I don't suggest these. Buy something better. -SuperBarlow

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Overall Rating
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Bought this All-in-one with the associate module for JR and installed it in my new Turnigy 9XR. It too suffered from the now commonly reported 'cutting out issue' until I removed the bottom case of the module and installed it that way. Top plastic section still allows it to locate properly with the retaining clips. Result, much better contact with the pins and no drop outs. However the two servos map to Aileron and Rudder?! Humm. Am going to have to re-map a channel there somewhere.
Over all servo drive speed was outstanding and on-par with AR6000 series RX's. Power not so much, but going into a Micro DLG Im not overly concerned. Unit is very light and quiet (anyone who's owned AR6000's know they buzz and carry on even when still). Im impressed and will buy again.

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