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1/8 Desert Truck Pre-Painted Body Shell

1/8 Desert Truck Pre-Painted Body Shell

This is a nicely finished 1/8 desert truck pre-painted body shell made from durable yet light weight polycarbonate. This body shell arrives fully painted and trimmed, so you just need to do apply the decals and drill your body mount holes. This saves a lot of time and money when compared to buying a clear shell and painting it yourself.

Length: 605mm
Width: 255mm (measured at middle of chassis)
Wheelbase: 370mm (from hub to hub)

PRODUCT ID: 9284000025

Weight: 573g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated 4 crowns   
Total of 34 discussions.
Aljulie  1 points - 7/1/2014
FIt with hpi savage xl?
T4KT1KZ  21 points - 5/3/2014
Will this body fit a slash 4x4???
 necromaster 227 points
No, too big.. This is 1/8 scale. It fits HPI Apache SC (i tested), Team Associated SC8 and all 1/8 SC that I know.
ian  12 points - 2/9/2014
Any body fit this on nitro slash ?
 necromaster 227 points
If there is still no one try it yet, I just wanna tell you that it wont fit. Nitro Slash is the same size as HPI Blitz and it is too big for my HPI Blitz.
Marius  2 points - 1/18/2014
Does it fit on thundertiger mta4 s28?
ueiger  1 points - 1/14/2014
it works on ofna x2crt?
 necromaster 227 points
I do not have Ofna Truggy but I do have a Mugen MBX6T. Most 1/8 truggy share same tires dimension so allow me to share my rough finding. The width of the shell is not enough for the truggy so half or more of the tires extended over the shell. The tires will hit the shell during a ***py ride unless you mount it high enough. Your front tires will also hit the shell during cornering so you will need to cut slightly more of the front fender. You will also need to cut the rear of the shell a little bit to allow the wing, or you may just remove the wing and wing stay. There might be more you need to do but thats all I can share now.
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quality is vernice good thanks

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Overall Rating
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My bodyshell arrived untrimmed. Not big problem but I think you might need to rephrase the description.

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