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Hobbyking® DC-4S Balance Charger & Cell Checker 30w 2s~4s

Hobbyking®  DC-4S Balance Charger & Cell Checker 30w 2s~4s
Hobbyking®  DC-4S Balance Charger & Cell Checker 30w 2s~4s

Hobbyking®  DC-4S Balance Charger & Cell Checker 30w 2s~4s, simple to use Lipoly charge unit that will balance charge 2s~4s lipoly batteries via the balance lead, complete with overall & individual cell voltage display.

Sturdy alloy case
LED Display showing overall and individual cell voltage
1000m/A~1500m/A balance charge output
9v~16v (30w) input
Power lead supplied
Compact size ideal for field box
Dimensions: 80mm x 50mm x 21mm
Weight: 71g (without lead)
Suitable for JST-XH balance plugs

PRODUCT ID: 9331000001

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Price $8.99

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vergneault  1 points - 9/16/2014
Hi just received 2 new charger, get ERR2. I used a power supply from my old thinkpad 16.5V. something changed, because I have already one of this charger (bought a year ago) worked perfectly. Sad...
Mervin  2 points - 9/2/2014
Hey can i use a HAMA AC/DC Adaptor 12V 500mA 6VA????THANKS
 Mario 134 points
only if you dont cahrger annithing with more than 500mAh...
 Mervin 2 points
thanks but now if plug in it says er2
 ElectricAussie 4179 points
Hi Mervin, A ER2 message on this charger is a power supply error. The problem with your HAMA AC/DC Adaptor 12V 500mA supply may be that it's a charger pack for something like a cordless phone and the output isn't actually 12V, but fluctuates because it's meant to charge devices with rechargeable batteries inside. You can check this with a voltmeter if you have one. The other problem is your power supply only puts out 6W of power to a device which operates at 30W. The voltage is probably sagging or fluctuating because of the strain of trying to power this charger. Cheers, EA!
Giancarlo  1 points - 9/1/2014
Hello all, Can I use a lap top power suplly with the specs: Output: 19v* 4.7A, 90W max? Thank you
 Mario 134 points
yes you can
joshua  2 points - 8/8/2014
Would this be good just as a onboard cell meter
 ElectricAussie 4179 points
Hi Joshua, There are much lighter cell checkers than this for on-board applications. This is primarily a charger and weighs a LOT more than some of the dedicated cell checkers designed for on-board use. Cheers, EA!
monneret  2 points - 7/22/2014
HI, le miens a chargé* 4 accus, il est HS.
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Overall Rating
Sahni Sarbjit
2 thumbs up!
Not a good charger. My charger is not charging my LiPo's anymore. It doesn't come with any manual or any review and it is giving errors that are totally unknown like "Er0","Er2". For warranty it costs very much than the charger cost.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Do not order these pieces of crap. They fail within 1-2 weeks, and return shipping is nearly (or higher than) what you will be refunded.

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Overall Rating
essadik gx
Like it?
it doesn't charge my batery just it works as a cell checker i have pluged it with a car batterie but it doesn' work

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
Excellent charger, very fast and accurate. Robust metal housing. The maximum charge is 4.20 V per cell saves the batteries. I recommend! POL88/Sailor NAVIGA /

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Overall Rating
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Excellent charger! Kind of like the CopterX charger but better. 1) End voltage from charger 3s 750mah: 4.20, 4.19, 4.19 2) Charger beeps when battery at full charge 3) Can use this as cell checker at the field Very handy item. Get warm just like most basic chargers, that's fine. Does not overcharge or undercharge, which most other similar chargers have (CopterX, ESky..)

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