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Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board

Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board
Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board

Designed in house by the HobbyKing Enginerds, this handy power distribution board has the same foot print as our Multri-rotor control boards and is the ultimate solution for tidy power distribution wiring. Simply use 3.5mm male connectors on your ESCs and plug a battery in. The PCB is Gold plated for optimality efficiency and also features a bling port (aka 2 pin JST size auxiliary power out) Perfect for powering LEDs or any accessory fitted to your Quadcopter.

Current: 4 x 20A Outputs (MAX)
Power Input: XT60 with 12AWG wire
Motor output: 4 x 3.5mm Female bullet plug
Aux output: 2 pin JST compatible
Weight: 27.3g (including wires)

PRODUCT ID: 9171000033

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Weight: 38g
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Price $3.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 189 discussions.
Harry  4 points - 10/15/2014
What is the mounting hole spacing?
 Cameron 17 points
the hole spacing 45mm
Fenolftalein  1 points - 10/9/2014
Can I use this board with Afro 30A esc's and 20A motors?
 BuBu1 214 points
If you are sure that your motors do not draw more than 20A each, yes you can use this board. The ESCs current ratings have no impact here.
Jason  27 points - 10/6/2014
I bought this and installed it. Hooked up my 15 AMP ECS's , Motors, MC, and receiver. I plugged my battery in and... POOF!!!! It shot out sparks and smoked real bad!!!!!! :(
Brodie  3 points - 10/1/2014
Can I use the aux plug for a battery sensor or does it have a lower voltage than the main output plugs
 BuBu1 214 points
They are in parallel from the other plugs, no lower voltage. Good idea to use that for a voltage sensor.
 AlexRaz 133 points
Yes, that's what I use it for.
beachhouse1954  46 points - 8/21/2014
after buying the Preditor 650 quad here and taking hk's advice both through their chat and product link I purchased this board and it is a absolute no fit there is positively no possible way to mount this board to the Prediter 650 another hk stuffup
 MishoIV 121 points
I have used double side tape to mount it.
 Braedon 1 points
if you are running the kk2.1.5 or any other kk2 version then you can mount the pdb to the bottom of that because their holes match up
 beachhouse1954 46 points
thankyou for your input but sadly it does nothing to resolve the issue that this board was not and is not the correct board for the Preditor 650 quad. Firstly using double sided tape to affix a main power board very very bad idea not to mention the thought of how bad your wiring must look. Secondly as to the kk board that true but the board does not fit into the Preditors central spine and fitting it on the battery tray? yeh well not a great idea and a even worse look. sorry guys but this board is not suitable for this quad
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Good product though quite heavy. Nice when you exchange your escs one in a while to other quads because you dont have to de-solder the leads from normal power distr boards. To be used with larger quads, not for mini/micro quads. I will mod mine with XT60 connectors instead of the 3.5mm bullits as I use these as a standard with escs. I like the optional LED-outlet.

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Overall Rating
Samo Cankar
Like it?
Simple and convinient board fo power distribution on quad copters with 4 speed controllers.

Soldered connectors (3,5mm) are exposed do short circuit if you don´t protect them with some hot gun or epoxy glue.

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Overall Rating
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Good board, simplifies the connection of ESCs, however for me, I preferred to desolder the connectors of 3.5 mm and weld Nylon T-Female Connectors. Can always extra welding points empty, for example a Bec.

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Overall Rating
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good solution, saves a lot of wirering and ugly soldering joints of multiple wires.

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Overall Rating
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Good power board. It aligns perfectly with HK control board. See my quad under construction in files sections.

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