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Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board

Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board
Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board

Designed by the Grand father of the KK revolution, Rolf R Bakke, exclusively for HobbyKing, the KK2.0 is the evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. The KK2.0 was engineered from the ground up to bring multi-rotor flight to everyone, not just the experts. The LCD screen and built in software makes install and setup easier than ever. A host of multi-rotor craft types are pre-installed. simply select your craft type, check motor layout/propeller direction, calibrate your ESCs and radio and your ready to go! all of which is done with easy to follow on screen prompts!

The original KK gyro system has been updated to an incredibly sensitive dual chip 3 Axis gyro and single chip 3 axis accelerometer system making this the most stable KK board ever and allowing for the addition of an Auto-level function. At the heart of the KK2.0 is an Atmel Mega324PA 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller with 32k of memory. An additional 2 motor output channels have been added to the KK2.0 allowing for a total of 8 motors to be controlled (Octocopter). A handy Piezo buzzer is also included with the board for audio warning when activating and deactivating the board.

If your new to multi-rotor flight or have been unsure about how to setup a KK board then the KK2.0 was built for you. The 6 Pin USBasp AVR Programming interface ensures future software updates will be quick and easy.

Size: 50.5mm x 50.5mm x 12mm
Weight: 21 gram (Inc Piezo buzzer)
IC: Atmega324 PA
Gyro: InvenSense Inc.
Accelerometer: Anologue Devices Inc.
Auto-level: Yes
Input Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
AVR interface: standard 6 pin.
Signal from Receiver: 1520us (5 channels)
Signal to ESC: 1520us
Firmware Version: 1.2

Here are some How-to Vids:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Pre-installed firmware.
Quadcopter +
Quadcopter X
Hexcopter +
Hexcopter X
Octocopter +
Octocopter X
X8 +
X8 X
Singlecopter 2M 2S
Singlecopter 1M 4S
(Custom Mix via the "Mixer Editor" option)

The Mixer Editor allows you to adjust where and how much signal the motors receive from stick input and sensors. This allows you to create any configuration possible with up to 8 motors or servos.

Whats is a Multi-Rotor Control board you ask?

The HobbyKing KK2.0 Multi-Rotor controller is a flight control board for multi-rotor Aircraft (Tricopters, Quadcopters, Hexcopters etc). Its purpose is to stabilize the aircraft during flight. To do this it takes the signal from the three on board gyros (roll, pitch and yaw) then passes the signal to the Atmega324PA IC. The Atmega324PA IC unit then processes these signals according the users selected firmware and passes control signals to the installed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). These signals instruct the ESCs to make fine adjustments to the motors rotational speed which in turn stabilizes your multi-rotor craft.

The HobbyKing KK2.0 Multi-Rotor control board also uses signals from your radio systems receiver (Rx) and passes these signals to the Atmega324PA IC via the ail, ele, thr and rud inputs. Once this information has been processed the IC will send varying signals to the ESCs which in turn adjust the rotational speed of each motor to induce controlled flight (up, down, backwards, forwards, left, right, yaw).

Note: A user manual is available under the files tab.
*Royalties paid on each unit sold to Rolf R Bakke, the original KK Designer.

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DutchRC  270 points - 2/26/2015
Hi there :) I've just completed the build of a scratch-build quadcopter. And while I was configuring the KK2.1 flight controller, I though it might be helpfull for others to show what I did.. So here it is :)
alexa1  5 points - 2/26/2015
Feature Requests 0 KK2 NOUVELLE VERSION ACHETE REÇ*EMMENT ET ESC PLUSH 40 A Quand je raccorde un esc plush 40 a sur le kk2 nouvelle version le moteur ne demarre pas et le esc bip chaque .25 seconde sans arret j'en ait quatre et il ont tous le meme probleme j'ai essayer deux esc afro et il fonctionne , pouvez vous me dire pour quel raison mes quatre esc plush 40 a ne fonctionne pas Merci serge Today at 16:58 Share
ZavenLA  2 points - 2/23/2015
I am getting a blank screen when i connect power... Is there a reset button? What should i do?
Gary  1 points - 2/12/2015
Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board
RonRC  4018 points - 2/7/2015
This is the KK2 board I used to build my first UFO and it flew fantastic.
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English: WOW WOW WOW The best and cheaper flight controller for multicopter and not. You can find thousand pages on internet for calibrate it. The controller have the last firmware installed. (the my have 1.2 firmvare). I have ordered 3 of it, both for my 70cm outdoor and 23cm indoor quadcopter.

Italiano: WOW WOW WOW Il controllore di volo migliore e più economico per multicopter e non. È possibile trovare migliaia di pagine su internet per calibrarlo. Il controllore ha l'ultimo firmware installato. (la mia ha la Ver 1,2 di firmvare). Ne ho ordinato 3 schede, sia per il mio quad da 70cmper il volo all'aperto che il micro da 23 cm.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
looks great no programming needed i hope that it will be back in stock soon and i hope that hk will provide a version with magnetic compass in it

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Over all this is a great board with many features that are easy to access. The added screen makes all configuration dummy proof and accelerometers help with unwanted drift. You can also use the custom mixer for any crazy ideas that may not have an existing program. Take a look at my walk through video on youtube by searching this 0rgxE9Uw

19 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
facilissima da usare settaggi veloci e intuitivi, tutte le configurazioni gia memorizzate ho realizzato il mio primo x copter in 2 giorni e ora ne ho ordinata una seconda per un tricottero... nessuna programmazione al pc

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Szuper multikopter vezérlő, nagyon könnyen állítható, jól átlátható a menürendszere...folyamatosan fejlesztik a firmware-t hozzá, így csak egyre jobb lesz.Nagy előnye a kijelző, és az állító gombok, így nem kell számítógép a beállításához.

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