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SkyZone FPV 5.8GHz 600mW 32CH A/V Transmitting (TX) Module TS832 RP-SMA

SkyZone FPV 5.8GHz 600mW 32CH A/V Transmitting (TX) Module TS832 RP-SMA
SkyZone FPV 5.8GHz 600mW 32CH A/V Transmitting (TX) Module TS832 RP-SMA

SkyZone has forged a reputation of quality and reliability and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots.

The TS832 Transmitter packs a whopping 600mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power! A must for those looking for longer range and locked in video. The TS832 is transmitting a full range of 32 channels and uses an easy to use 2 button interface, it also comes with a clean pre-wired harness, and only weighs in at a scant 21grams, it’s Perfect for a wide range of aircraft!

*For best range and video link stability we recommend using the SkyZone 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit circular-polarized Antenna Set (SMA-RP) available below in the accessory’s tab

• 32 channels: Cover A, B, E bands and F bands
• Two switching buttons for the band and channel
• Two digits display for  the band and channel
• Power off memory for last channel and band

Video format supported: NTSC/PAL
Antenna connection: RP-SMA, jack
Power input: 7.4-16V (3S Lipoly suggested)
Transmitting power: 600mW
Antenna gain: 2dbm
Working current: 220mA at 12V
Video bandwidth: 8Mhz
Audio bandwidth : 6.5Mhz
Weight: 21g
Dimension: 54x 32x 10mm(excluding antenna)

Frequency range:

FR1 5865,5845,5825,5805,5785,5765,5745,5725
FR2 5733,5752,5771,5790,5809,5828,5847,5866
FR3 5707,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945
FR4 5740,5760,5780,5800,5820,5840,5860,5880

Quality Guarantee
We are receiving reports that other vendors are selling low quality counterfeit copies of this transmitter which have reduced range and high cases of drop outs. Completely unfit for purpose. Don't risk your expensive rig with cheap transmitters, we stock the real deal!

PRODUCT ID: 263000018-0

Weight: 84g
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Price  $62.56

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lukas2136  6 points - 10/28/2015
hi, is it possible to connect any kind of telemetry to this item ? - what are the possibilities? regards,
__Davo  17 points - 9/20/2015
"other vendors are selling low quality counter/F copies".... oooookay the irony!
RCRahul  39 points - 9/16/2015
The video bandwidth is mentioned as 8MHz, but in reality, it is using almost about 20Mhz bandwidth, and also spreading noise on frequencies about 60Mhz up and down the selected channel. e.g. if I select 5805Mhz, the VTX will transmit signal from 5745Mz to 5865Mz frequencies. With a good signal quality in 20Mhz bandwidth around 5805, and a noise signal (ripple noise) near the edges ( a total of around 120Mhz bandwidth will be used in total). I have done this test on 3 different brand transmitters, and all show the similar characteristics. This is totally against what these products are supposed to do. Anyone else has observed this ? or I am seeing it differently ? and any remedy for it ?
 Craig 8 points
Your right, my goggles i can pick up a set frequency on this TX on probably about 4 channels other than the one set, which unless you look at the band datasheet can make in a pain in actually selecting the correct one! I do get a great range with this about 5.5km, but still a pain!
Dmitriy  2 points - 9/16/2015
What is rivision of this transmitter v1.0*1.1* or 1.3?
Kwon  1 points - 9/13/2015
The power does not turn on T_T
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Nice transmitter, delivers a good, clean signal. Range would be pretty much on par with other older units I have. Having the receiver as well makes a very good FPV pair. It's frequency range is excellent and completely compatible with all the frequencies I need. My Immersion and Fatshark receivers are now unnecessary. The Boscam covers all FPV frequencies. I was concerned about the large bandwidth between upper and lower frequencies but they appear to have solved the problem.

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Boscam FPV 5.8GHz 600mW 32CH A/V Transmitting (TX) Module TS832 RP-SMA

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Best for 5.8ghz... It is really workhorse. It is still working after completely damaged two chassis... ;)

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Alessandro Capon
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Potente trasmettitore compatibile con tutte le riceventi compresi occhiali fatshark

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