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Turnigy 9XR Safety Protected 11.1v (3s) 2200mAh 1.5C Transmitter Pack (US Warehouse)

Turnigy 9XR Safety Protected 11.1v (3s) 2200mAh 1.5C Transmitter Pack (US Warehouse)

This battery is designed exclusively for the New Turnigy 9XR radio system.

The pack has both over charge / discharge protection and over current protection built right into the battery, this adds significant safety to the 9xr system. 

Capacity:  2200mAh
Voltage: 11.1v
Constant discharge: 1.5C (3.3amps)
Max charge rate: 1C (2.2amps)
Standard rate: 0.5c (1.1amps)
Charge cut off: 12.6v
Discharge cut off: 9.0v
Over current cut: 5 amps
Burst discharge: N/A
Weight: 139g
Size: 100x33x19mm
Plugs: JST & JST-XH

Note: This battery is only to be used in Radio Transmitters

PRODUCT ID: 9171000183

Capacity(mAh) 2200
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 1.5
Weight (g) 139
Max Charge Rate (C) 1
Length-A(mm) 100
Height-B(mm) 33
Width-C(mm) 19
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Weight: 192g
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Price  $13.19

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Total of 51 discussions.
Ryan  20 points - 3/26/2015
Would this work for the Turnigy 9X transmitter. :)
 ChktSnowblind 14 points
That's what it's designed to be installed in. Any device that has an 8AA battery tray insert should easily fit this battery.
Dan  1 points - 2/25/2015
Hey guys I just got a Turnigy 9X transmitter.I'm new to this so what else do I need to fly 250mm quadcopter or ducted fan glider? Thanks, DR
 Nic 2 points
A lot of stuff... That's like saying "I have a steering wheel, what else do I need to be able to drive my car?" You probably should have started with a RTF setup if you don't know what you need. You may want to consider returning/reselling your transmitter and get an RTF setup. Otherwise look at RTF setups and see which components they have and look for your own.
sushi2me  5 points - 2/11/2015
I think that in the product information, underneath the picture of this lipo battery, which continues the excellent quality and properties of all HK products at a very reasonable price, they should put the following (they already have, they need to highlight and make it stand out more, "This battery is designed exclusively for the New Turnigy 9XR radio system" - that kind of says it, doesn't it? Enjoy!
 Nic 2 points
Bold letters aren't enough? They have the measurements, it can be used in other radios.
 ChktSnowblind 14 points
I put mine in a GT3B, just tossed the 8-AA tray, and this battery slides perfectly under the compartment cover without velcro or any other need to secure the battery.
trashbug  388 points - 1/18/2015
Does anyone know what kind of discharge protection this pack uses?
 ChktSnowblind 14 points
It says cutoff in the desc, and mine just quits when it's done so, cutoff at 9v.
 ChktSnowblind 14 points
Checked the voltage when my radio died. It cuts off * 9.6 volts, charges at 2.2 A,
Siarhei  1 points - 11/2/2014
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Overall Rating
jet planes rock
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battery is alright but don't last as long as I thoght

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Overall Rating
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Mine came in defective but HK replaced it immediately. Very Happy! Good battery for my 9XR. The zippy life 1800mah batt i had before is puffed and ready for proper burial.

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Overall Rating

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Using this in the 9xr. Didn't even charge it and I have been running with it for weeks now and the charge is still at 11.2. I did buy an extension so the cable is not crushed by the radio.

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I have the 9x, and all you have to do is splice and solder the old connector from the aa battery tray to the new trans pack. i have just recieved mine in the mail, and after soldering the new conncetor, that worked fine. BUT, the battery does not fit inside the transmitter. it is too wide. so with that being said, there will have to be some modifications done to the 9x transmitter, ie: cutting/shaving away some of the cavity where the battery is supposed to go. in my opinion that is the only option using this pack because you really dont want to have to force the battery in to place and risk damage to the transmitter or the battery itself.

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Overall Rating

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Great battery. The battery came with the cells with absolutely the same voltage (3.7 V/cell) and great condition. Highly recommended

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