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IMAX B6-AC Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE)

IMAX B6-AC Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE)

 Charge at home on 110/240v or in the field on 12v. The B6-AC handles both!
The IMAX B6-AC is a rock solid charger thats able to charge, balance and discharge Lion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), NiCd and NiMH batteries.
This is not a fake. It is a genuine IMAX B6. Our fault rate/returns on this charger are extremely low.

AC 100~240v or 12V DC input
Microprocessor controlled
Delta-peak sensitivity
Individual cell balancing
Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
Large range of charge currents
Store function, allows safe storage current
Time limit function
Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 11~18v
Circuit power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W
Charge Current Range: .1~5.0A
Discharge current range: .1~1.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~15
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~20v
Weight: 580g
Dimensions: 133x87x33mm

This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, HXT, TURNIGY and any pack with a JST adapter.

 This is a Genuine iMAX B6AC charger. If you want a cheaper price, purchase the FAKE iMax B6. (search on the left for FY-B6AC)


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 Customer rated
Total of 407 discussions.
Aaron  1 points - 7/16/2014
does this charge 1 or 2 batteries at one time? and how fast will it charge a 7.4v 5000mah 20c lipo?
 Mark 18 points
Hi You can only change one battery at a time.
 Striges 2 points
You can parallel charge more than one battery. I have done so with 4x2s(7.4V) 450mah lipos, but not on 5000mah lipos. Charge current is max 5A wich would be 1C for 5000mah batteries therefore charging would take a while. If you where to parallel charge 2x5000mah lipos you would only get 0.5C.
Roberto  2 points - 7/15/2014
boa tarde tenho uma duvida a alimentaç*ã*o deste carregador é* 110/220v ele tem fonte interna é* isso? nã*o precisa ligar em fonte de 12v ?
 Azeredo 1 points
Como diz ali em cima, ele é* 110/240v ou també*m pode ser 12v (bateria de carro). Sim ele tem fonte interna
Marko  1 points - 7/13/2014
Hi, please tell me, wich Adaptzer I need for German 240V System and ist the conector for Tamiya accu sytem included? thank you! ciao Marko
Robin  1 points - 7/11/2014
Hi All, Can this charger charge this battery?
 MoRaLeSD 13 points
Sure it can charge it! This Charger can charge All Lipo Batteries up to 6 cells! No worry for the mAh!
 Striges 2 points
You can charge that battery with that charger but you would save alot of time using a charger with higher charge current so you can charge 2C or 3C. Preferably a charger that you can parallel charge several batterys *2/3C
buckeye tom  7 points - 7/1/2014
HI, WILL IT CHARGE MY 3700mah 14.8 volt lipo's? will I need an adapter or power source for the USA
 Rikku007 169 points
It comes with a built in AC->DC power supply. It will charge your 4S lipo. You may need additional adapter for the connector depending on what you have as your main battery connector.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
23 thumbs up!
I have used this charger for over a year now with no problems

23 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Per O.
13 thumbs up!
Now I can ballance and charge my batteries at home (220V) and at the field (12V) with this charger that has it all power supply, charger and ballancer in one small unit.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
Not a bad little charger for what it can do. Very versatile charges my lipos and nimh just fine. I did notice the balance charge function isn't 100pcnt accurate though. I generally throw my astroflight blinky onto the pack's balance leads after I'm done balance charging anyways. Only takes a few minutes to get it 100pcnt in balance. The quick charge function and other functions work great too. Works with big or small batteries which is perfect.

I've owned it for 4 days shy of a month, and so far no problems at all. The backlight is cool too...:-D

No complaints!

5 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Russell Christiansen
6 thumbs up!
Title say's it all!!! This charger is my batteries life saver. It charges and balances my batteries accuratly. It can set them for storage, speed charge, balance charge, load test, and it can do it in the field from 12v DC or at home from 120v/220v AC.I have check the operation charging volts with my Fluke 77 digital volt meter and this charger is right on the money. This is probably the last charger I will need for a long time. When I got this I gave my Triton charger away because I felt it was obsolete next to this one, and it was half the cost of the competitors!!!

Thanks hobby King for such great products at GREAT prices!


3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Mark Harris
5 thumbs up!
Using this to charge 6S, 3300mAh batteries (HXT) - works great. Works just fine with Australian power once you switch the plug over.

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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