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hexTronik 2 gram Brushless Outrunner 7700kv

hexTronik 2 gram Brushless Outrunner 7700kv

The D1000 is a micro sized 2g brushless outrunner designed purely for indoor Single lipoly cell use.
Combined with our micro ESC, it's a perfect combination for indoor planes.

Weight: 2g
Voltage: 3.7v
No Load Current: 0.1A
No Load Speed : 12200
Load Current: 1.5A
Suggested Propeller:
GW/EP 3020
Thrust: 36g+
Shaft: 1mm


PRODUCT ID: D1000-7700

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Kv(rpm/v) 7700
Weight (g) 2
Max Current(A) 1.5
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 3
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 1
Length B (mm) 14
Diameter C (mm) 10
Can Length (mm) 4
Total Length E (mm) 23
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Weight: 39g
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Price  $10.10

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Trois  1 points - 10/3/2014
Can someone send me inside and outside diameters of the bearing shaft? I have a special application and must build the mount from scratch. I would like to go ahead and get started designing the mount in 123D.
PINSON  7 points - 7/16/2014
I have 6 of this motors with the prop 3020 but there is a problem because the shat motor is 1mm and the hole of propeller is 1.15mm so i can't mount props on this motors How have you made to fixe props 3020 on this motors ???? Thanks
 Bjoern 6 points
Hi Pinson! I have the same issue. I will try to fill the holes of the propellers with exopy glue. After that I'll drill smaller hole into the middle of the propellers to make them fit better. Did you already solve the problem?
 maklc@bellsouth. 7 points
I found out you get more power using a 2.5x1 gws or equivalent prop. I have 10 of these motors, one in a 6" wingspan Ugly Stick, one in a 7" ultra micro Hots, one in a 9" micro Live Wire. I can't list all my models but I designed them, and built them from 2mm Depron for the fuse, and 1mm for the wings. I will post pictures on my site here.
sam  1 points - 6/9/2014
Hi: Do you have 50 of the D1000 2 gram hextronic in stock? If so, since the web site only lets me buy 10 at a t ime, should I place 5 line items for 10 ea. Thanks
YuriyG  1 points - 5/7/2014
Good working on Walkera SuperCP tail.
izzzzzz6  20 points - 1/7/2014
Hi, can u use 4 of these converters: Double-channel ultra micro brushless converter to run 4 hexTronik 2 gram Brushless Outrunner 7700kv motors from a MINI MWC Flight Control Board and DSM2 Receiver? And/or Is there any way to run the 5g hexTronik motor in this config from 1s lipo or lion? Thasnks. James
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Yasuo Kajiyama
47 thumbs up!
I got two today!
I was very surplised to see their size, very small!!
I measured their main dimension as follows
Weight:2.02g & 2.06g
Roter Diameter & Height:10mm, 4.9mm
Shaft Diameter & Length: 1.0mm, 7.5mm
(plusShaft boss hight is 2.5mm)
Bearing tube length:8.1mm
12magnets rotor & 9teeth stator
I really want to see how they can be assembled!

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Overall Rating
Ulf Gustafsson
35 thumbs up!
Received this VERY tiny outrunner today.
I can really recommend getting it out over a white blanket so You dont loose it.
I measured the amp to 1.7A with the suggested GWS3020(balanced) and a newly charged 130mAh FR-Cell.
Running it while holding it with my fingers it felt pretty strong (torque).

As propatapter i can suggest a bit of shrinktubing (2mm?) on the axle and reaming the prop a bit for a tight fit because the prophole is too large. Cheap and easy)

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Overall Rating
Feddo Wouters
29 thumbs up!
I tested these motors with a Turnigy 6Amp ESC, modified for 1S operation.
Optimal settings for this Motor-ESC-combo are:
- Cut Off Voltage: Low
- Start mode: Normal
- Timing mode: Low (or Middle)

I want to use this outrunner as a tailmotor for the DF4#3 micro heli,
so I did some thrust measurements with the DF4#3 stock tail prop.

Full throttle speed: 20310 RPM
Full throttle thrust: 16 gram.

I made the prop a bit larger with some tape (6mm on each side)
Full throttle speed: 15700 RPM
Full throttle thrust: 20 gram.

The standard DF4#3 brushed tailmotor (on full throttle plus full right rudder) runs at 17640 RPM.

The above RPM numbers seem to indicate, that these small outrunners could indeed be used as a DF4#3 tailmotor.

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
My tigermoth WS 35 cm, AUW 25 grams, flies very well with this motor!

For pictures see:

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
I tried this amazing tiny motor with TGY DP 3A 1S 1g Brushless Speed Controller. Start up is smooth and spins very fast without any issue. I intend to use it in my 4#3b sub-micro heli tail, with its 1mm shaft, the stock rear rotor fits perfectly. It spins up the rotor to full throttle no problem at all..

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