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Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

The new number one in performance and price!
The new Turnigy Lipoly packs deliver full capacity at the said C rate.
You wont find a better deal in Lithium Polymer batteries anywhere!

Minimum Capacity: 3000mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 20C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 30C
Pack Weight: 253g
Pack Size: 147x 46x 18
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: HXT-4mm

PRODUCT ID: T3000.3S.20

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Capacity(mAh) 3000
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 20
Weight (g) 253
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 147
Height-B(mm) 46
Width-C(mm) 18
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Weight: 306g Quantity: 
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Total of 27 discussions.
Bojan  1 points - 3/26/2014
Dummy question: what is this 4 pin small connector for? Can I hook it to kk2,1 board voltage monitor? Thanks..
 Michael 2 points
It's the balance lead, it plugs into your balance charger so that it can see the voltage of each individual cell in the pack to balance them. its also used by low voltage alarms. unfortunately you won't be able to plug it into the KK since the wires that would do that are pin 1 and 4 and the kk boards pins are too close together. (so it could only read a single cell)
Chippo  1 points - 3/5/2014
Will the charger from the SuperCub LP be safe to charge this? (HBZ1003) I would assume it would be ok although it might take a while?
 Karl 608 points
You would be ok with that but it would take really long. I would highly recommend picking up an acucell 6 as it does a PHENOMENAL job balancing, charging, storing, etc. all kinds of batteries (for lipos it does 1-6s). It also has a lcd to monitor what each cell is currently at and works great. Just my suggestion.
AlFly963  2 points - 11/29/2013
Zikk Zakk  60 points - 9/14/2013
WARNING! WARNING! You get addicted to these batteries! Here's an incredibly cheap and good and not least a light batteries are I got my batteries 7 days after I ordered them! Incredibly fast delivered by HK from Hong Kong to Norway. I use them in a small quad (750g in the air) with RCT 2208 1300 engines and 9 x 4.7 propellers. flight time of over 15 min (mix flights) makes me very happy with these batteries
James  2 points - 9/13/2013
Hello I recently purchased the EFlite Apprentice RC Plane I wanted to buy an extra battery so I bought the Eflite High Power 3S 11.1V 3200mAH 30C(96 AMP) Max Continuous Discharge Will this work with my Apprentice? My other Apprentice Batteries are similar but have a 64 amp discharge rate
 crazycarmaniac 382 points
What's the esc rating?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Bought one, puffed in the first flight at 10C discharge and less than half capacity used. Maybe next time I will be lucky.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
I have bought 2 accus, but one if them is defected

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
One of the two batteries with a voltage was below 3V per cell :((

Charger refused to charge, it was necessary first to charge as NIcd and then as Lipo. I doubt that after this will work well :(

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Nice pack, only wish they came with TEE cannector, had to change plug, nothing I had was compatible, the 4mm plugs look good but are useless if you have nothing to connect to them. I hope there is some standadisation in connectors soon. otherwise it would be 5 stars..

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Overall Rating
frank fv
5 thumbs up!
Graed pack for the money. Sorry for the 4mm plugs, I use the 3.5 mm.

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