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900MHZ 200mW Tx/Rx & 1/3-inch CCD Camera PAL 420TVL

900MHZ 200mW Tx/Rx & 1/3-inch CCD Camera PAL 420TVL

 12 Channel 900Mhz Tx/Rx video system with CCD camera. Great for FPV systems in countries with less restrictive RF power output.

Unlike other generic systems, we have produced a wiring loom and included it with the camera so that the Tx and camera will be compatible and on the same voltage.
If you buy your camera and Tx seperately the plug polarity and voltages may be very different.

1 x SONY CCD 1/3inch Camera
1 x 900Mhz  4 channel Video Transmitter (200mW)
1 x 900Mhz  12 channel Video Receiver  

Camera spec.
CCD sensor type: 1/3 color SONY CCD  
Pixel: 500(H)*582(V) (PAL) 
Scanning system: Interlaced scanning
Synchronization System: Internal synchronization
Horizontal resolution: 420TV line  
Minimum Illumination 0.01LUX/F1.2
S/N Ratio: 48dB  
Gamma Modification: 0.45  
White balance: Auto
Auto backlight compensation: Auto
Lens: 3.6MM
Audio: No
Input voltage: 9~12.6V
Electric current 80MA
Electronic Shutter: 1/50 (60) ~ 1/100,000s  
Video output: 1.0VP-P composite video  
Operation Temp.: -20~50
Size: 38 x 38mm
Flight time: Approx 60min/100mah 3S
FPV Tx Spec.
Channel: 4-Ch, AV synchronization
Power: 200mW
Input voltage: 12V
Weight: 18g
Size: 31x88x8mm
Frequency: 0.9G 0.910G,0.980G,1.010G,1.040G



Weight: 409g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 144 discussions.
Andrew  1 points - 7/8/2014
Is this able to go up to 1280MHz or only up to 1040MHz?
Micheal  1 points - 6/26/2014
I.m very new to FPV cameras. Are you able to connect multiple cameras to a single recevier?
 Gregoire 16 points
Yes sure with a video switch like this Produit ID: 9070000024
Thomas  1 points - 6/5/2014
is this legal to use in australia if so whats the offence
 Dangerman 178 points
Its technically illegal to use but in the same way pirating videos is, you will not likely be caught and you won't be charged. The reason it is illegal is because the gsm mobile system runs on 900mhz but there is barely any traffic on that bandwidth anymore so its not much of a problem (plus our TXs do not interfere with their exact bandwidth). Its ok to use and I've been running this model in Aus for 2 years now. (and I have bigger issues to worry about, such as if CASA turn up at the airfield I fly at and sees me flying on a registered airstrip)
 Thomas 1 points
thank you very much
jaysonragasa  43 points - 5/20/2014
one thing I'd like to add in this product is to make sure, before mounting the VTX, make sure to reinforce the SMA connector on the silver box by resoldering it and make sure it goes all the way around the SMA connector.
AlexRaz  115 points - 5/20/2014
Hello jaysonragasa. Would this work well in the Philippines since the mobile operators use 900Mhz? Won't cellphone signals cause interference? I'm interested in the system but I want to make sure it will provide reliable video
 Gregoire 16 points
The mobile operators use also 900Mhz in my country bur it is not a problem, it depends where are you flying. For example, last time at a sportfield near an atenna, the signal was very bad, the maximal range was about 20meters. Few days after in another field, I was able to fly with a 1km range. As a conclusion, this isn't a problem if you live far from a city. I you absolutely want to be sure to hhave always a strong signal, buy a 1.2ghz or a 5.8ghz system.
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RC FPV Kit HobbyKing 900MHZ 200mW Tutorial - Inst
Overall Rating
Like it?
This is what i want for y birthday :)
Also if hobyking bring in thir shop a pair of googles i will declare myself a happy man.

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Cannot this set transmit the sound?
The transmission of the sound is hoped for. Does it only have to be put up the microphone?

5 comments. Reply..

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I dont see what you're all on about, I fly with a 10mw tx and i get 3-4 km easily its al about how you set up your plane and having good antenna's 200 mW is more then sufficient.

7 comments. Reply..

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Yeah... It has good range but i will be changing the antennae for easy installation on my tricopter... otherwise it is very good... it is the same tx picked from the local china market... not even modified... but works good.

3 comments. Reply..

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Please post reviews after you own and test this system. Other comments should go into the discussion.

No comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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