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Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2

Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2

Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch Version 2
Weight: 13g

Compatible only with HobbyKing T4A &  T6A Version 2 transmitters


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Rob  1 points - 4/16/2014
will this bind with the OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Programmable Transmitter?
 handyjap 440 points
Not that I could get it to at all, no. OrangeRx is DSM2/DSMX and this is FHSS.
 iflylilplanes 334 points
No, the Orange TX is DSM2 transmission, the HK 6 channel RX is FHSS transmission. They are not compatible.
Alison  1 points - 4/15/2014
As soon as I plug in the power, the receiver's light turns on, but it quickly starts smoking and sparking. I'm assuming that is what "short circuiting" would look like. Any help would be much appreciated!
 handyjap 440 points
I agree, I would also say that is short circuiting. Not much to do, just make a short video and "Submit a request" at the "Support Center". Of the more than 30 receivers I bought, only 1 was bad, but they wanted me to return it, so not cost efficient.
 iflylilplanes 334 points
The power lead you are using be it from a battery or ESC, must have the negative black or brown wire to the outside farthest from the antenna, the positive red wire is next and the signal orange or white wire is the closest to the antenna. If you have the leads in correctly and it still puffs smoke I'd say you have a dud, I have 6 of these RX's and all are working perfectly.
Alison  1 points - 4/14/2014
Every time I try to bind my HK-TR6A V2 receiver to the transmitter it came with, the receiver short circuits. I put the binding plug (two black wires) into the BAT slot, and my power source into one of the channels (with the black wire on the outside!). I am using a batter box with 4 AA batteries. Is this too much power for the receiver to handle?
 handyjap 440 points
Can you please give more detail on the "short circuit" effect?
Nelson  3 points - 4/4/2014
Can I use and bind 2 reciver units with one transmitters, in two different planes?
 handyjap 440 points
You can bind an unlimited number of receivers to one transmitter. You just apply power to the receiver you want to use at any given time.
 NewToHobbyKing 13280 points
Nelson a big YES. This little receiver can have as many brother as you like. If you are using a T6 Tx then because all models are saved to your PC one may have 100s of plane and just One Transmitter (Tx) and many many Receivers bound to it. WHY? Because the bind info is saved on the Receiver. Every Tx has its own ID and that is save to the Receiver on Bind. Hope we have helped!
 YSpecV 71 points
I agree with the above information. But keep in mind that there is a reason that a transmitter has a set number of "Models". Example: if you want to use a transmitter that only has 5 models but use it on 10 planes, you will have to reset the trims and settings for each plane. Hope this makes sense. Take care.
 iflylilplanes 334 points
Yes, I have 8 of these working with my 9X transmitter as well as 5 of the 3 channel land recievers and 2 of the original 9X recievers. All work well with the 9X and T6 transmitters.
Debra  12 points - 3/28/2014
I have this receiver along with the transmitter but when the motor turns the receiver light goes out
 NewToHobbyKing 13280 points
Debra maybe a faulty motor or Esc.
 NewToHobbyKing 13280 points
Debra read else where you were getting Beeps. You can try setting up your ESC.(Prop Off) Power up, at first beep go to full throttle. The after next Beep go to nill throttle. If the does not work try the Reverse switch on Throttle Channel (Channel 3).
 handyjap 440 points
Sounds like your ESC have a brown out when the motor draw current (maybe too much current for the ESC). This causes the BEC in the ESC to stop working.
 Maximilian 15 points
if you have Problems with brown outs try soldering a capacitor to a spare servo plug (take out the signal wire just use and - ) and put it into the battery slot of the receiver. for example you could use: - 1.000uF/10V up to 4 servos - 2.200uF/10V up to 8 servos
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Bind Turnigy 9X V2 with HK TR6A V2 6Ch
Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
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Just received the (2) HK-TR6A V2 & (1)HK-GT2R receivers that I ordered less than 2 wks. ago. All of the receivers bond with my Turnigy 9X V2 transmitter instantly and seem to work properly. Still need to do range checks but based on the other reviews that I read, I do not expect any problems. These receivers are so much smaller & lighter that the Turnigy 9 ch. V2 reciever. Only misses that I see is that the TR6A receivers do not have the notchs in the case for the Futaba type connectors and do not show the orintation (s -) for the connectors. The neg. (black) lead is oriented to side of the case (away from the label). These are probably the cheapest 2.4GHz receivers on the market.
Will by more the next time that they are in stock.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
I bought 3 of these and am very happy with all of them. They seem rock solid-glitch free.I use these with the Turnigy 9x radio and the V2 firmware and Turnigy module.They bind instantly with transmitter.They are so much lighter than the Turnigy 8 channel receivers.Turnigy 9x receivers work great as well but they are much to heavy for park flyers and smaller RC planes and Heli.Here is some advice for these new receivers.Take apart the case and add some hot glue to the antenna where it connects to the PCB board.I also like to add a little glue to the aerial unit by stripping off the heat shrink tubeadd a little glue to the inside of the brass tube and then center the wire while the hot glue sets up.I than will use some 4mm Turnigy heat shrink tube over the aerial and now it wont pull apart as easy in a crash and looks a little better with the Turnigy labeled shrink tube.I also color code for either planes or helis with different color tubing.I also advise that if you are using several of these that you bind each one individually with your transmitter set on the appropriate model in your model memory.Example you want to use this with model number 4 (HK 450 heli) on your transmitter.Before binding set your transmitter to model 4 than bind it.For best results only use this with model 4.If you want to use in a different model re-bind it.I have found they work slightly more precisely when you do this.Overall these are best combo of value and quality in the world today.Buy ten to

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Very simple to bind with Turnigy 9X V2.
You only have to know, the bind cord goes into the Bat.port of the receiver for binding.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Heard a rumor that these worked with the Turnigy 9X so I ordered a handfull. They do indeed work with the 9X and are smaller and lighter than the stock receiver. Not a single problem any of the units thus far.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Just for your information - I've range tested this receiver as well as the turnigy 9x receiver at a direct line of site with the plane on the ground an the antenna oriented straight up. All receivers were rock solid at 1.2 miles. Unfortunately I can't get any farther away without going behind a hill so I don't know how far they will really go. 1.2 miles is plenty far enough!

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