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Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (PNF)

Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (PNF)
Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (PNF)

This 2 meter wingspan glider takes 15 minutes to assemble and lasts a lifetime!
The wings and tail are made from tough EPO foam. However, the fuselage is made from a really strong blow molded nylon skin with plywood formers, making it almost indestructible, this is usually reserved for baby toys*.
The virtually indestructible fuselage is smooth and rigid yet still light enough for the glider to perform.
Both the main wing and tail are screwed into place and the two wing halves have a carbon fiber rod for added strength.
The main wing includes 1 servo per aileron for strong control surface movement plus there is a pre-molded slot so you can add your own flaps later.
All 4 9g servos, speed controller and brushless outrunner are included. Just add your own receiver and battery to be flight ready!
This really is a super strong glider that takes 15 minutes to put together and is virtually indestructible. 

Wingspan: 2 meters (78.74inch)
Length: 1160mm
Flying Weight: 980g
Motor: Brushless 2815/1050Kv
ESC Included: 30A

3S 7.4V 1300~1800mAh LiPoly Battery
4-5 Channel Transmitter and Receiver

*Having a blow molded fuselage on a glider is an excellent solution however it is not popular amongst manufacturers due to its high cost, effectively doubling molding costs.


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 5 Channel 2000mm (78.74in) 1160mm (45.67in) 980g (2.156lb)

Weight: 3289g Quantity: 
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Price $83.20

  • Turnigy 1800mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

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  • OrangeRx R615 DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

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Total of 330 discussions.
DutchRC  57 points - 8/27/2014
retry of video postage..
 alboot 27 points
Great vid this may not work because I'm not sure on hobbyking rules but go to utube and look if it works
 alboot 27 points
 alboot 27 points
Looks like it may have work I think you can see it that's my utube account name I'm not sure how to get them on here.
 alboot 27 points
By the way I'm Alan and I'm in England in a place we have to thank you guys for as the Dutch made our little island in the 1800 and I've lived here all my life all the videos are of my home town.
 DutchRC 57 points
Well.. We didn't actually make the island itself *)
 alboot 27 points
Hello mate Got the firstar yesterday and spent an hour putting it together and the wings are exactly the same as the Phoenix so I have the 2 meter and the 1.6 version and the Phoenix and a spare set of 1.6 wings to the fuselage is big it made me jump when I open the box wasn't expecting it to be that big looks good hope it flys as good to windy for maiden, going to have to wait
 DutchRC 57 points
Haha :D that's great man! Good to know.. thanks. And good luck on that maiden then offcourse!
DutchRC  57 points - 8/25/2014
Great flying plane! I like it a lot :)
 alboot 27 points
I love these to have a look at getting the kit Phoenix 1600 the wings fit the same fuselage which gives you spares and a little hot linear these are great to I've got both and have over 100 flights on the 2000 and 50 ish on the 1600 happy flying
 alboot 27 points
Thanks for the credit mate how long have you have your Phoenix
 DutchRC 57 points
Yu're welcome. I have had mine for about a year now (wow.. time flies). Generally I mostly fly 3D planes, but the majestic way the Phoenix flies is nice as well :)
 alboot 27 points
That's good some one else how likes these as much as me I'm just waiting for delivery of the 1600 firstar I'm hoping I've looked at it right one of the pics shows the wings and it looks like it's the same holes as the Phoenix and the wings look pretty similar to so I'm hoping the 2 m wings are going to fit as well fingers crossed
 DutchRC 57 points
Would be very nice to have that swapability indeed! Let us know :) And yeah.. A friend of mine flies the Radian Pro.. That's not a bad plane by any means, but I'd take the Phoenix any time.. Even if the prices were the same.. Ohw: I have replaced all 6 servo's with digital MG's.. And the ESC wit ha hobbywing 40A .. The last alteration was more 'just to be sure'.. And I have a carbon-fiber prop on the Phoenix..
NSASarge  2 points - 8/15/2014
Has anyone tried covering the wings and tail with Monokote?
 alboot 27 points
Hi sarge I've just looked on the net and typed in monokote on epp and it gives you a link to a hobbyking video from Don all about it good video full of good info take a look
NSASarge  2 points - 8/14/2014
Thinking about buying this. What exactly are the recommended upgraded motor, servos and ESC for this glider? Also, where are the spare parts? I would like to order a spare prop or two when I place my order. Thanks in advance! Retired Army
 alboot 27 points
hello sir i have 2 of these 1 of 1600 and 1 of the evo 2600 ones all the wings fit on one fuselage so the best way is to buy the kit version go for the 1600 one as it will give you a different set of wings if it only the prop you really want i love the 1600 its a semi hot linear great fun so to the rest i have up grades on mine the motor is the NTM 28/36 1200kv the esc is a turnigy plush 30 amp and a 4mm folding prop adapter with 10x6 carbon blades this goes vert on a 30 sec burn. As you can probably tell i love these little things one of the 2000's has over 100 flights and never had any problems with the servos if you did want to up grade servos 9g metal gear would be the way to go the 1600 has 50 flights and does get a go thrashing around the skys climb to 200-300 feet almost vert down pull up into loops and rolls and doesnt miss a bet..
BIBES  16 points - 8/1/2014
be aware.HK delivers this glider with a 850 kv .It is under powered and it should be a 1050kv as mentioned on the description !
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Received mine today. No outside damage, very well packed and no missing pieces. Comes with Y wire for ailerons, extra servo accesories, extra push rods for flaps (just rods, no extra clevis), instructions and extra cone to fly without motor. PROS: - Servos are fast and strong. - Wood reinforcered wings, elevator and rudder - Hard plastic chasis - ESC placed under battery, with some tape. Motor wires are taped too - Battery compartiment comes with velcro belt. CONS: -Included clevis are fragile. -Stickers are hard to place as they are very thin. -Wing servo wires are bit short. Comes a problem if u dont wanna use Y wire and plug them in separate channels. In this case u need to extend them manually. -ESC battery plug ends with a T-Connector. A con for me as all turnigy batteries that fit this plane come with the xt-60. RECOMENDATIONS: -Change or reinforce clevis with shrink tube for example. Feel free to ask me any questions about plane or if u need some extra photos. Im planning to make a video and upload it aswell.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
10/10 for the packaging ! Nothing mooved during the shipping. I then understand than 2 clevis was broken before to be shipped...
This thing (the poor plastic clevis) is so fragile and you need to change all of them before your first flight... Or it could be your last !
The 2 wings do not fit perfectly and it was P.. in the As.. to insert the screw.
But as I do not have clevis for this size, I will have to wait for them...

To be continued...

12 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Just received my glider and i have to say that upon first inspection I'm very impressed. the Phoenix 2000 is well built and the structural support inside the wings was great, aluminum square rod tubing with a 3x2x25mm carbon fiber rod inside. The Blown plastic body is as advertised and seems near indestructible. As for power there is plenty of it, i thought that the included motor wouldn't be enough so i ordered a second higher 2800 kv motor and a 30 amp hk blue series esc but when flying the glider for the first time and pulled a complete loop without using full throttle i knew it wasn't a necessary upgrade. So far I have no complaints but would recommend a few retrofits like adding a foam front wheel to the existing bulge on the bottom of the body for better landings so that nosing into the ground on rougher surfaces isnt a problem. The propeller is good.. but shatters easily so order extras with your purchase I'll get back with the correct size and the differences when I install the new motor and esc for kicks, I am also running a 2200 3s and the cg is a little front heavy but can be compensated with a little finesse and relocation. With my current setup I got concurrent 25 min flight times. Also be sure to order cf or fg rods to reinforce the outer 8 inches of the wings as they take the most beatings in a crash, and have no reinforcing like the rest of the wing

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Hey H.K.! The Phoenix is a nice aircraft, but you urgently need to replace those very poor clevis! Today two clevis, one on aileron, one on rudder unlocked in flight! Very lucky to get down in one piece.

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I was offered to buy this glider for 77.47 us. i ordered it and waited for approval. It never came. I reordered it at a cost of 87.00 us. Is this your std procedured when u offer it at a lower cost. The money is not at question, it is your way of enticing customers to buy the product.
i now know it is on b/o from the usa w/h so why did u offer me the lesser price when u did not even have the product to ship

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