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Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)

Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)
Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)

Tear up the sand dunes with this huge 1:5th scale 26cc Petrol dune buggy! Just install your own radio gear then fill up the fuel tank and you will be ready to whip up a dust storm! The 260s Includes aluminum upgrades and a tuned alloy pipe for the ultimate in RC bush bashing thrills!

Hobby King Baja 260s comes 95% pre-built including a sealed radio box with receiver battery featuring a quick charge jack (No need to remove the RX pack for charging). With large offroad tyres and big bore shocks this buggy is ready to tackle just about anything!
 817mm(L) x 480mm(W) x 255(H)
Weight: 18kg
Engine: 26cc Petrol (2 Stroke)
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)
Receiver battery and charger 
Tool Set 
Fuel Mixer bottle 
Air filter.
Your own TX/RX
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)

Full range of spare parts coming soon!


Weight: 21000g
Australia Warehouse
Price  $329.22
was $411.52

  • Turnigy S8166M High Torque Servo 154g / 33kg

    Combo Price: $24.91   IN STOCK

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rustynail1  32 points - 12/30/2013
rustynail1  32 points - 12/30/2013
rustynail1  32 points - 12/30/2013
Joshua  3 points - 10/31/2013
Anyone know when these cars will be in stock again? i am keen to buy
 PongoHimself 31 points
I bought a 260S today from a web based re-direction from the International Warehouse to the Australian Warehouse and yet if I look for the 260S via a normal search in the aussie warehouse, its not there.? The 260 is but not the 260S? If I get an email on Monday telling me there was a mistake and I am getting the non-tuned pipe 260 version, I will go postal. I will keep you up to date.
Sam  1 points - 7/16/2013
can someone tell me which servos to buy for this car!!!!
 Aaron 2 points
Hitec is the Best or if you looking at something cheaper i'd stick with the ones on eBay as they sell the cheaper ones but i find if you use them alot or leave one turned on for hours they burn out
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
TeamBallBanger Racing
3 thumbs up!
Well done Hobby King. A 5th scale off road buggy for a great price. I have just got one of these Baja buggy's. And being involved in racing and r/c car hobby for over 25 years this is the best of any car i have brought. That is a great car for a great price. All parts can be replaced with HPI or as i will do, start upgrading at a cheaper starting price. Buggy goes just as hard as the HPI SS. Which it is a copy of. If your looking to spend some of your hard earn cash on a 5th scale off roader, look no further.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
im from singapore i need to purchase these baja anybody can help me plss..

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
part1of3 Aussie warehouse packaging, unpacking.
this is my first order from the aussie warehouse.
Have to say great service, it was in the post three hours after i ordered it. Great job
It was tripple boxed very safe arrived in perfect condition.
The only problem i have is why aren't the servos in australia.
had to wait two extra weeks for the servos.
the recomended servos dont fit straight in, so make sure you have a file handy and a drill too relocate the holes.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
arrived fully assembled. installed the hobby king servo combo, took a bit of dremel time to fit the steering servo and the throttle servo was a tight fit. steering is poor, will take some tweeking to get a descent turning circle, long wheel base. had it running well for 5 minutes then it stalled and wouldnt restart. primer bulb got hard to press, found the breather hole in fuel cap was blocked with plastic flap. removed the blockage and its running perfectly.
Fantastic baja for the price, Hobby king will put HPI out of buisness if they keep this up. lol
Thanks Hobby King.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This is a great machine for the price. I bought 2 units with the recommended servos. On one unit the steering servo required modification to the housing to get it in. Nothing a file didn't fix and took about 5 minutes. The steering servo for both units didn't quite fit the screw down holes. I changed the screws to larger size and it fixed the issue. The manual is written well in English, but is missing crucial items such as fuel ratio, running in requirements and even where and how to mount the servos. I pulled the unit apart and worked out that all servos go on to the black humpback unit after looking at it. The exhaust doesn't suppress sound very well. it is a loud car and I run mine on an acre and I am worried it will annoy the neighbors. Over a well built unit and runs well. Had to adjust the idle up a little to get it to not cut out. I think when I run it in a little more i will adjust it back again. Both cars run well and are very quick. I also bought the 2.4Ghz Hobbyking transmitter/receiver combo. This worked perfectly out of the box. I found that the steering needs to be setup correctly to get it to turn. I used the supplies servo horn (single arm) and used the 3rd hole. This gives good steering. Most of the time I throttle up and flick the back out to increatse the turning radius. In short- awesome machine and I am having a great time driving it. It jumps gre

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