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5.5HP 53cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine (AU Warehouse)

5.5HP 53cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine  (AU Warehouse)

The new 53cc twin boxer engine has two horizontally opposed 26.5cc cylinders providing 5.5hp of low vibration power.
The two cylinders dynamically balance the engine, making it a smoother running and more reliable idling engine than a single bore motor of the same size. Having double the spark this engine not only idles better, it also has quicker throttle response and a much nicer exhaust note!

Take note of the CNC machined crankcase and finely cast cylinder head, this is a quality motor!

• CDI Electronic ignition with auto advance
• Walbro membrane pump carburettor with manual choke
• Automatic advancing electronic ignition
• Dynamically balanced
• CNC machined crankcase
• Finely cast cylinder heads

Performance: 5.5hp
Bore/Stroke: 34x29mm
Weight: 1477g
RPM: 1,900~9000rpm
Spark Plug: CM-6
Suggested Props: 22x8~22x10
Fuel: 2 stroke oil/fuel mix (25:1 break-in 40:1 general use)
For more power use unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 93 or higher.
Never power the CDI with more than 6v. Doing so will break the CDI module. Take note of your battery packs true voltage when fully charged.


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Weight: 2229g
Australia Warehouse
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Price  $399.24

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ianjanflan  9 points - 2/19/2014
Hi, will this engine fit into the North American AT-6 Texan 2135mm Composite (ARF) PRODUCT ID: TEXAN84IN?
 matthew 34 points
hi it would more than likely be to wide and it would also be way to much for it if you want a twin either the rcgf 40 or the vvrc 40 would be much better options
Andrew  1 points - 12/6/2013
Hi just wondering when this motor will be back in stock?
Brayden  339 points - 9/4/2012
Would this fit in my HobbyKing 260SC 1/5 Scale 26cc Short Course Truck ?
 Reece 19 points
No. THis is an aeroplane engine
Brian  51 points - 6/10/2012
Does it have Butterfly reeds in the intake manifold? Whats the distance between spark plug tips?
 cptn blinky 186 points
look under the files tab in the international section of this engine 205mm I think.
 cptn blinky 186 points
look under the files tab in the international section of this engine 205mm I think.
__Evan  80 points - 5/18/2012
Why does this engine weigh 479g more than the same engine in the international warehouse?
 xcellair 32 points
not only that weight evan,,if you do the maths, its considerable cheaper, even using registered mail, to buy in international,, so its a loose loose situation,, hobbyking do the maths, be realistic, we shop with you, the freight component cant be that much and your adding it again , in beafed up added weight costs, for reasons,, why
 __Evan 80 points
That's a good point. The only reason to buy it from the AU warehouse is because it'd probably arrive faster. You can get it discounted by about $20 if you're a platinum member (or wait for the website to offer it to you at a lower price), but even then it's cheaper to buy from the main warehouse and pay extra for shipping.
 xcellair 32 points
hey hobbyking, seeing as your actually giving credits, the reason i havent bought one of these as those i know have, all have had the ignition fail, in not a long time, how about having the supplier upgrade the ignition to RCxcel , and then u will sell more ,, and you will get the credit for quality upgrade,, its important, that ignition really lets the motor down, and your sales as a result
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