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Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm (USA warehouse)

Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm (USA warehouse)
Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm (USA warehouse)

The Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter is a stylish and high quality quad frame perfect for aerial videography or for just flying around at your favorite local flying site.

This frame is constructed of beautifully finished genuine carbon fiber, the quality is top notch. It features folding arms and folding landing skids which makes it easy to transport and store. The removable dome top gives this quad personality and makes for a great way to hide your electronics giving it a very clean and tidy look.

The landing skids on the Bumblebee are quite tall which gives plenty of ground clearance for mounting a camera underneath with the optional camera mount (sold separately). This is the ideal platform for shooting awesome aerial video!

This frame comes with 4 x 35mm brushless outrunner motors in the box taking the guesswork out of choosing your power system. It even includes propellers. Simply add your own ESCs, multi-rotor control board, radio system and batteries to get the Bumblebee in the air!

High quality genuine carbon fiber construction.
Removable dome top.
Foldable arms and landing skids.
4 x 35mm brushless motors included.
Tall landing skids for under-frame camera mounting.

Width: 550mm
Height: 306mm (w/dome and landing skids installed)
Ground Clearance: 193mm
Weight: 950g (w/out battery)

1 x Hobbyking multi-rotor control board
4 x 20~30A ESC
3S 2200~3300mAh lipoly battery
4CH transmitter and receiver

PRODUCT ID: 9031000022

Weight: 1499g
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Price  $150.99

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Total of 16 discussions.
tony  214 points - 1/15/2015
Oh, they blanked out the word J*U*N*K!
tony  214 points - 1/15/2015
I really regreted that I bought this BB quad! The props are garbage and they are brittle n weak!!!
You will not find better props for that motor either! I'm stuck with this peice of ****!
There are many other better choices than this one!
tallflyer  109 points - 12/9/2014
Custom Canopy Airbrushing for the ***ble Bee QUAD
cipher  6 points - 9/10/2014
The props that came with the kit fit over the motor shaft somewhat loosely and when the nut is tightened down, the prop is not held securely against the top of the motor. The height of the shaft, from the top of the motor housing to the bottom of the nut when it's tightened is 10.08mm. The width of the prop hub is 8.51mm. That leaves 1.57mm of up/down free play in the prop when it's mounted and the nut is tight. No wonder the props are blowing-up. Rather than spending another $60-$100 to buy motors that accept a normal prop adapter so I can use a standard prop that isn't a bomb waiting to explode, I am thinking of cutting the top of the existing shaft off just above the two lock screws and using a longer 4mm shaft. An adapter for that should be easy to find. Any thoughts? Are the props supposed to be loose like this? Anyone else encountered this?
 Doobieman 1375 points
Yes, I have the exact same issue. That's an interesting idea you propose. Actually, these would be fine if the threaded part were longer but 1/2 an inch. Then you could fit an 5mm hole prop, and have room to put an M5 nylock nut on it.
 Doobieman 1375 points
I thought about this for a few minutes, and came up with a better solution: I reached into my spare parts bin, and found some rubber grommets that I bought from Radio Shack. The 15mm OD ones with an 11mm hole were perfect. Just slice them in half, then put one on each motor, underneath the prop. The prop now tightens with no free play.
 cipher 6 points
I ended up doing it a little differently my self. I cut the threaded section of the motor housing off (just the threads) and inserted a longer 4mm shaft. I used a a 4mm collar on the bottom end of the shaft because I didn't trust the clip to keep the shaft in place and then I was able to use a standard prop on the longer shaft with a standard 4mm prop adapter. Not as simple as your solution but it works. I checked my packaging to see if I could find the plastic spacers I saw on on other websites, but I couldn't find them. Just my luck.
 David 2 points
There are grommits that came with my kit that went on there to make these fit snugly. Did yours not include them? They're shown in the online manuals as well.
cipher  6 points - 9/3/2014
What size props does this use? I am new to quads ** are any of them counter rotating? Thanks
 cipher 6 points
Um... Nevermind. Found prop by looking up replacement motor. 10X3.8
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Pricey, but I love the way it looks in the air. Not aerobatic, but a sweet flyer suitable for reasonable camera work. A light gimbal and a GoPro would be no problem. This ship weights 1248 grams with a Quanum QFX aboard . . . add another 250 gr or so for the battery. It took a some effort to balance the motors, but they're smooth and reliable after 50 flights. Parts are well made and fit is very good. Some plastic bits may be a bit fragile, but I haven't broken any yet. The motors only draw about 5 or 6 amps in hover, so 20 amp esc's are certainly adequate. A 3,000 mah battery gives 8 or 9 minute flights. For me, the only downside was the price. I would have called it a 5 crown value at $125.

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