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TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 3015-7 1000kv / 470W

TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 3015-7 1000kv / 470W

Possibly towerpro's ugliest motor. However it packs a powerful 470W punch and comes with the towerpro pressed bell motor reliability.
Don't be put off by the humble appearance, this is a solid motor!

Model: TowerPro 3015-7
Size: 37.2*60.3
Weight: 133g
Voltage: 10v
Idle Current: 2.2A
Suggested Battery Config: 3-4Lipo
Kv: 1000RPM/v
Shaft: 5mm
Max Eff Current: 30A
Max current: 40A
Max Power: 470W
Suggested prop: 10*5, 11*5



Kv(rpm/v) 1000
Weight (g) 133
Max Current(A) 40
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 14
Power(W) 470
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 41
Diameter C (mm) 37
Can Length (mm) 16
Total Length E (mm) 60
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Weight: 150g
International Warehouse
Price HKD132.31

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Total of 11 discussions.
Ali Raza  22 points - 10/28/2011
How many poles does this motor have? You need it to program the ESC right?
 munsaf 296 points
I got mine today, if I remember they are 10 poles, il confirm that for ya tomorrow. :D, Ugrd
 e_lm_70 850 points
What a joke of response from munsaf, and what a credit stolen. It has not 10 poles. From picture you can see that inside 1/4 of motor arc it show 4 magnet ... this is a 12 or 14 poles ... 10 poles is also not a common motor ... PS:This motor is new in HobbyKing shop, how you can have it already the same one ?
magnusvr  94 points - 8/30/2011
Has anyone used this for a hexacopter or similar? Is it a good idea? :) How come it says: voltage: 10volt and then max voltage 14v?
 jerry-tom 270 points
Hi, can you use it, volts are not so decisive, you just keep it efektifní current is 30 A few volts - a larger propeller, and vice versa, the more volts - a smaller propeller.
UScitizen  1 points - 8/7/2011
I am looking for a good 3D or aerobatic plane (inexpensive) to put this motor in. Any suggestions?
 jerry-tom 270 points
 candelaria 6 points
$anta  311 points - 7/2/2011
Can the shaft on this be reversed?For use in a SU26M 30E series.
 Rodolfo 4 points
I have a look at this and think not of the right not
 NumnutChriS 525 points
I did, no problems to get the stop ring off, then gently knock out the shaft and tap it back the other way. just keep in mind the prop adapter lock (inner golden part) will go 1mm or so deeper than the adapter shaft itself.
 Sloperdude 1435 points
There's no such thing as "gently knocking" a motor shaft off. Use an arbor press, or if you don't have one, you could substitute a drill press (what I use) or as a last resort, a vise, using a deep socket to keep the shaft from getting bent.
 Sloperdude 1435 points
The bearings in these motors can be easily damaged by tapping on the shaft. The bearings will get flats pounded into them.
Rodolfo  4 points - 6/28/2011
Esc What should I use? The serving of 35 A?
 ioriamd 86 points
i m using hk35A and its fine...
 rxz328 1 points
This is a very powerful motor, i use 40a ESC Towerpro.
 mrhelidude 7 points
It is a powerful motor indeed. We use a Turnigy Plush-60A with this motor on the H1210 EPP-3D plane (Over size)and it works brilliantly and cool.
 ericlutan 43 points
te recomiendo uses hk 60 amp con bec (hku3).
Customer Reviews
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Great motor for the bucks
Overall Rating
Kip Dirkschneider
14 thumbs up!
The thin back plate in combination with the long screws make contact with internal wires will cause a short in no time. I'm looking for a spacer for the back plate so this doesn't happen. I guess this means that the buyer better be on his toes no matter what motor you buy. Check out the hardware before mounting guys. Still excited about the prospect of a performer and value.

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Overall Rating
Kip Dirkschneider
13 thumbs up!
I'm using this motor on a hyperion su 31 and it seems to do great. The prop is 11-7gws and pulls around 470w and 40ish amps. This seams plenty for the big 25e size plane. The problem with the long screws or short plate has been solved w'some APC shaft spacers and locktite. I like the look of this motor, cdrom on steroids!

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Here are my test results using a 3 cell 3000 mah battery with a 40A contoller.
Prop-10x5, 24A, 280 watts, Rpm 9700, static thrust = 2.82 #s.
Prop-10x6, 27A, 320 watts, Rpm 9400, static thrust = 3 #s.
Prop-11x5, 25A, 300 watts, Rpm 9700, Static thrust = 4.13 #s. (Best)

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Running in an electric hots, with a 10 x 5E propeller ,Super SImple 40A ESC, and 11.1V 2150mAh Rhino Lipo. With stock power system and 7 NiMh the hots was barely in the air, but with this combination the hand launch at full throttle had the little plane about 100 foot out and 80 foot up before I could get my hand back on the controls. AWESOME!!!

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This motor and a zippy 2200mah 3s1p with an electrifly 50amp ESC and an 11x5.5 produce 289W according to my wattmeter. This gives a 30oz trainer unlimited vertical, short take off (10') and plenty of power for emergency manuvers. It flys very nicely at 1/3 throttle.

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