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Simple Prop Balancer (US Warehouse)

Simple Prop Balancer  (US Warehouse)

This is a very simple prop balancer which is easy to use. Fit the prop hub in between the two tapered cones, then hold the two pointed ends of the shaft lightly between thumb and forefinger, let the prop settle and you should quite easily see which blade is the heavier.

PRODUCT ID: 450-0024

Weight: 15g
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FPVLover  129 points - 2/6/2015
The most expensive prop could be out of balance, here is a short How-to for balacing props with a magnetic balancer (from hobbyking too) or a cheap & easy balancer. Probably helpful for someone.
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Seems to work ok as far as cheapo non magnetic balancers go. Just make sure that you take the time to balance the balancer first. One half at a time.

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Overall Rating3/27/2015

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works great. You can use anything to rest this on and balance props.

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