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Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC

Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic.


Weight: 18g
Size: 32x47x4mm
Cells: 2-3S (Auto Detect)
Max Current: 18A
Burst: 20A

User Programming options.
Battery setting: LiPo and NiMH
Brake: Enable/Disable


Weight: 30g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 123 discussions.
jose  24 points - 4/9/2014
they are very similar ive had them both the red brick has better cooling and you can get the 30 amp for just a dollar more
bbyKing_Red_Brick_30A_ESC.html hope
this helps click thumbs up
Pasan  155 points - 4/7/2014
How do these compare against the Red Brick 20?
 Karl 595 points
I dont like these compared to the red bricks. I would spend the extra money and go with the red brick because it has a bigger heat sink and can handle the current. These are of lesser quality.
Felix_Dinel  27 points - 3/14/2014
can you program reverse into this for car use?
 Alexander 2499 points
No, it is very simple ESC. You can only change Battery setting and Brake.
NIMO TECHNOLOGY  10 points - 3/9/2014
this ESC can be use for D2822/14 Breathless motor ?
 Alexander 2499 points
Yes it is.
Damien  4 points - 3/2/2014
Hi, I was just wondering what this is because it says i need one of these for a bixler pnf Thanks
 Alexander 2499 points
This is ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). It need to change electric motor's speed. If you found this or someone else answer helpful for you - click Best Answer. Thanks!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Gues Ringo
87 thumbs up!
Very good controller, specially for this money.
With 16A it becomes a little bit warm, no problem.

One disadvantage: there is no manual included. (5 Stars with manual!)
So I have searched in web an i found that the controller is programmable.
Possible options:
- LIPO-mode (auto selection 2/3 cells)
- NIMH-mode
- Break on / off

To program this controller you have to move transmitter throttle to full position.
Now connect battery to controller.
Wait some seconds, than you hear:
*peep* - *short pause* - *peep*
*peep*peep* - *short pause* -*peep*peep*
*peep*peep*peep* - *short pause* -*peep*peep*peep*
this sequence will repeat...

When you want to use NIHM cells, you have to move throttle to off position when you hear the first *beep*beep*. Than you have to wait for a longer *beeep* and a short *beep*. That's all. You can disconnect battery now.

When you want to select LIPO mode, start from the beginning (throttle full, connect battery, listen to the beeps)
At the time when you hear the first single *beep* move throttle to off and wait for
*beeep* and *beep*.

When you want to switch Brake On or Off, start from the beginning, then wait for the first *peep*peep*peep* within one sequence and put throttle to off. Wait for *beeep* and *beep*.

Note: When you connect battery and throttle is in off position you will hear a long *beeeep* when LIPO-mode ist selected or a short *beep* when NIMH-mode is active.

SuperSimple 10A

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Overall Rating
Michael Latif
25 thumbs up!
What can I say, this ESC is really simple and super easy to use.

I have attached to a test stand and can pull 17amps continuous (11.6V), the ESC cuts off at ~3.10V per cell. Does not heat up at 17amp draw. Near 20amp, the ESC gets warm, but nothing I would consider a problem.

Would highly recommend for those who want an ESC that is truly plug and play.

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Overall Rating
G Rick
11 thumbs up!
I would like to retract the statement that this unit does not work with 2.4 GHZ. I found that it actually does work but when you first plug in the controller to the receiver and add power you get a constant signal and the motor starts beeping. It is saying that the throttle is reversed. Set the throttle to reverse setting in radio...let it start in wrong position...then reverse it again to normal...unplug the receiver plug it back in..plug in the ESC to the battery and turn on the radio...The throttle will now start in the normal position and work like its supposed to.

Actually it works really well for this unit......its Great!!!

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Overall Rating
Bruce Malone
5 thumbs up!
Purchased 2 of these both arrived within 6 days and work ok. 4 stars because ESC output not color codedand there are no instructions.
To arm :-Turn on receiver set throttle and trim to full power connect battery to ESC after first BEEP close throttle and trim ESC is armed.
Color code:-Lay the ESC down with the red (plusve)input wire at the closest to you the the outputs are Yellow closest to you then the red(plusve) and then the Black (_ve)wire.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
The simplest regulator, does not require the setting is perfect for beginners

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