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EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize) (US Warehouse)

EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize)  (US Warehouse)
EPP-3D unbreakable EPP foam model Kit (Oversize)  (US Warehouse)

Bounce into trees, cartwheel down the runway and screw up every takeoff yet still be able to continue flying! That's what this 3D plane is all about.
Made from super resilient EPP foam, it's even more flexible than normal foam and can handle impacts without breaking!
Fuselage made from 2cm thick EPP foam and has an Aluminum insert, Wings & Elevator have carbon fiber inserts which makes this plane really very unbreakable!

This ARF requires a motor, servos, esc and prop. Also needed is your own receiver and battery to be flight ready in under 1hr.
Length: 1220mm
WingSpan: 1210mm
Wing Area: 34dm2
Flying Weight: 1000 - 1100g 
Required ;
Motor : 1000kV Brushless outrunner
ESC : 50A 
Airscrew : 11x6 or 12x4 
Servo : 4 x 18~25g (2.5kg/cm of torque)
Recomended servo: GWS NARO-MAX-BB or TGY-S3317M
Battery : 11.1V 2200mah 20C 
Your own TX & RX


Weight: 1989g
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senormiller  4 points - 10/20/2013
Tried flying this plane with a 2200mAh 3S battery* Trust 55 ESC and a Turnigy 3536 1000Kv motor the other day. It did take off...barely. The plane flew like it was tail heavy. CG was at 30% from LE at root chord. I managed to get it 3 mistakes high and got it somewhat trimmed out. Very, very slow and cumbersome. Not what one would expect for a 3D trainer. From these other reviews it looks as if this plane is a dog!!! I am going to trim some of the aileron off (to keep from blocking air to the elevator) and try installing a more powerful motor. Wish me luck!!
 wouter 11 points
Good luck Melvin. Tell me Melvin, did it work out fine?
FourPlay26  32 points - 9/8/2012
Are there any decent instructions available as the one that cam with the plane us useless and in Chinese
 james 30 points
Maybe I can help, what are you having trouble with?
VirtualCowboy  20 points - 1/19/2012
I am looking for a plane like the Multiplex Parkmaster that I have been flying on the simulator, but this doesn't sound like it flies nearly as well. I hope someone posts a video.
viflyer  95 points - 7/1/2011
That's not a hawk it's a clipped wing chicken on that tail, ha!
Old Man  226 points - 6/2/2011
I had one of these planes here in Australia and it would not fly good. i tried different motors, battery, speedy, CG, servos, RX & TX, 5 different pilots and we all recon its rubbish. in the end i let a mode 2 pilot finish it off. Good luck with yours
 viflyer 95 points
Yeah, had two of this companies planes from HK and the quality was TERRIBLE. Stick to Hacker Super Zooms etc if you want a GOOD quality 3D EPP trainer.
 Old Man 226 points
One suggestion was the problem may have been that the ailerons may have been blocking the air flow to the elevator due to there size. When a plane gets out of control you try to correct it. in this case use of the ailerons may have made the situation worse. (now that i think about it that suggestion fits)
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I'm very pleased with my EPP-3D unbreakable I' m having mine now for 3 months and had about 75 flights

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First, a youtube link to an excellent build summary. Watch the whole thing before buying, it's only 10 minutes. I would say EVERYTHING in the video is my build is in progress, so no flight data. Wings are wood and epp ribs with a thin (like 1/8" /-) epp covering, they are NOT solid epp (which is what I had expected). Two CF tubes (about 8mm x 23 inches) support the wing. I do NOT expect this airplane to be a strong and durable as the HK writeup says, but I do think it will be reasonably strong, and I do think it's good value for the money. I just can't see the wings holding up as well as a solid epp wing, but it's also much lighter this way. All components are rectangular foam, EXCEPT for the main part of the wing. Tails, ailerons, etc. All rectangular and fairly thick. Should be fine at low speed, which is what this is for. I'm using the corona 939 digital mg servos ($6). They are on the low end of the spec torque (2.5 kg-cm), but are small and light. This has required me to fab all the servo trays, as the spec trays are sized for larger servos. In any event, you need a shim between the servo tray and the servo on the wings to avoid deforming the wing near the servo (youtube vid), so I just put in a plywood tray on top of the original servo cutout. Other decent servos would be the trunigy 3317B and 3

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First flight last weekend. It flys well, but feels like I'm flying a truck. It somehow manages to be fairly responsive, but still gives a slow and ponderous feel. Some more build notes. I managed to glue in the wing with a small twist, so the right wing has a little wash IN. It trims out okay in flight, but on both landings, it did drop the right wing. I glued the wing in without really thinking about washout, and the flat fuse prevents one from sighting down the wing to check for twist. My first hint was when I was setting the control throws. With the ailerons neutral relative to the wing tip, they were obviously not at the same point relative to the fuse. My recommendation is to install the servos and control rods BEFORE gluing the wing, get the ailerons neutral to the wing tips, and check them to the fuse. I would probably oval the holes in the fuse to adjust rather than trying to twist the wing during gluing, as it will undoubtedly twist back a little. Update to previous post: search youtube "red eagle 1210" Power: ntm 3542 1000kv, turnigy trust 45 esc, "apc style" 13x4 prop. Boarderline setup, 42 amps. 5 minute flight time on a nano-tech 2200 3s 45-90. 3.85 volts/cell immediately after landing.

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