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BSR BT-4 1/10 4WD Touring Car (ARR)

BSR BT-4 1/10 4WD Touring Car (ARR)

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BSR BT-4 1/10 4WD Touring Car is the second on-road racer from BSR, using the highly successful Team C TR10 chassis as a starting point with a bunch of racing enhancements already included such as carbon fiber shock towers, a rear gear diff, low profile ball ends and super smooth aluminum shocks. This is a perfect entry level touring car or a new kit for any driver who knows they don't need a bank loan to buy a competitive car.

The Almost Ready to Run version comes with a TrackStar 13.5T motor and TrackStar 80A ESC which is a common race class in many countries and makes it ROAR legal out of the box.

The geometry on the BT-4 is designed for top level on-road racing and includes adjustable ride height and droop, camber, toe and roll centers, steering throw and Ackerman as standard out of the box with a huge range of option parts available to set the rear toe, chassis stiffness and body roll. We have had drivers all over the world testing this car and the resounding response has been "I can't believe how good this is for the price".  Most agree that the chassis offers an amazing amount of grip because of the level of flex in the chassis.

It's the attention to detail that stands this car apart from others in its class, from the chassis cut out to allow the motor to be mounted as close to the ground as possible, to the CVDs front and rear to the extra-long body mounting arms on the rear that help keep the body as rigid as possible to the top mounted servo bracket, this is an all-round race bred kit. It even includes a highly resilient polycarbonate race body and racing slicks with dish wheels.

This car comes pre built all you will need is a transmitter and receiver and battery. Eventually you will want to start fine tuning your chassis with SHOCK OILS and SET UP & TUNING EQUIPMENT, we've got you covered and at prices that can't be beaten. On-road is all about setup and TIRE choices which is half the fun, you are the driver, mechanic, engineer, pit crew and team manager, a one-person race team.

So get ready now for the next on-road season, get yourself a BT-4 and START RACING!

• TrackStar TS-D99X 10kg servo
• TrackStar 13.5T Stock ESC Motor combo set
• Double deck structure fiber chassis
• Aluminum adjustable oil filled shocks
• Fully adjustable wheel alignment
• Oil filled rear gear diff
• Pre-glued 24mm slick tires and dish wheels
• Belt drive 4WD layout
• Manufactured by Team C
• Pre-painted body

Length: 391.5mm
Track Width: Front 185mm; Rear 183mm
Height: 113mm
Wheelbase: 257.3mm
Internal gear ratio: 1.9
Servo: TrackStar TS-D99X 10kg servo
ESC: TrackStar 80A (ROAR Approved)
Motor: TrackStar 13.5T (ROAR Approved)

1 x 2ch Tx / Rx
1 x 2S 7.4V LiPoly battery


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This is a rebranded TeamC TR10 with upgraded CF shock towers and solid TrackStar electronics. On sale I payed 120 for it. In short this is the BEST VALUE entry ARR 1:10 TC that is completely 13.5 stock class legal. A skilled driver will be only few tenths of a second slower with BT-4 than with a full race oriented car like Xray. Quality is good, most of plastic if composite so it will be sturdy. Also because of lot of plastic the car is light and you can easily go under 1350g race weight. Only upgrade that I would recommend out of the box is alu hex mounts since the stock are plastic and deform if you tighten the wheels too much. If you run on a high grip surface I would also recommend TR10 swaybar kit for improved traction/track time.

WARNING: Do not upgrade the car too much, since in the long run it will be much cheaper and better to get a full race kit like TeamC TC10 or Xray T4 then to upgrade this car.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
Mechanically, car is medium quality, the bodyshell is good, around 1mm and finished very weel(pre-painted and pre-sticked), the plastic have a little of noise during the movement, wheel pretty unbalanced, rubber medium quality, the servo is very less precise, esc and motor are good quality, almost powerfull for indoor racing. reverse gear not often the box aren't included istrunction for programming esc, but only for mechanic of the auto. For 120, is a good/best buy.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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A must have. Really nice quality. The combo brushless is enought to have fun. High recomended
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
-very very brittle body. breaks at walking speed
-brake setting way too weak.
-the pin that drives one of the wheels shoots out of the place whare it belongs.....
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  • BSR BT-4 1/10 4WD Touring Car

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