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Big Power Mini Metal 8-In-1 Machining Kit (EU Plug)

Big Power Mini Metal 8-In-1 Machining Kit (EU Plug)

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This amazing 8 in 1 Mini Mill will help you excel with all your modeling needs. The kit comes in modules that can be built up into eight different machines (one at a time) providing eight different functions. The kit is built out of strong metal and plastic components. The 144W motor and head stock are joined together to provide excellent performance (12,000RPM) to all the different machines.

The Jigsaw has a working table of 90x90mm and allows straight line and curve cutting. Great for cutting all those ribs or spars. The precision wood turning lathe can be used to produce all sorts of different miniature components such as table legs, telegraph pole cannons and much much more. The precision metal lathe can be utilized for the production of motor shafts and other precision metal parts. The sanding machine can be used for sanding components as well as polishing and the milling machines can be used to manufacture small components. The drilling machine is a very accurate drill press for precision drilling. The hand held machine can be used with all sorts of different grinding and milling wheels or a hand held drill. For working with more complex designs use the dividing drill.

Overall this is the perfect kit for making all those little bits and pieces for your hobby.

• 144W 12,000RPM Motor
• 8 Different machines can be built
• Jigsaw, wood-turning machine, metal lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, sanding machine, hand-held machine, drilling machine with dividing plate

Motor speed:12,000 RPM
Switching power input: 110V-240V
Input voltage: 12VDC

Jigsaw Machine:
Working table size: 90x90mm
Working material thickness.
Hardwood: 4mm 
Plywood: 7mm
Soft wood: 18mm
Aluminum: 0.5mm
Acrylic: 2mm

Wood Turning Lathe:
Center Height: 25mm
Distance between center: 135mm
Max Working Diameter: 45mm
Working material: wood, engineering plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc)

Metal Turning Lathe:
Center Height: 25mm
Maximum working material diameter: 20mm
Working material length: 135mm
Axis Z slider travel: 32mm
Axis X slider travel: 145mm 
Working material: lignin plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.), acrylic, plastic etc.

Sanding Machine:
Center Height: 25mm
Working table size: 123x100mm
Working material: wood, engineering plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.).

Milling Machine:
Axis Y,Z travel: 32mm
Axis X travel: 145mm
Collets: 1-6mm
Maximum working material size clamped by machine vice: 50mm
Working material: lignin plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.), acrylic, plastic etc.

Drilling Machine:
Axis Y /Z travel: 32mm
Axis X travel: 145mm
Collects: 1-6mm
Working table size: 123x100mm
Working material: wood, lignin plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.)

Hand Held Machine:
Equipped with 7 standard grinding tools. With drilling bit, grinding wheel, milling cutter. 
It can also be turned into a hand-held drill, grinder, milling machine.
Working material: wood, engineering plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum, etc.)

Dividing Drilling Machine:
Maximum workpiece diameter clamped by three-jaw chuck: 50mm
Slider travel: axis Z-32mm, axis Y-32mm, axis X-145mm
There are three circles of holes on the dividing plate and each circle with the same ratio holes.
The number of the holes on each circle is respectively 36, 40, 48
Working material: wood, engineering plastic, soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.) 


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That this is not a machine tool with a solid cast iron frame, probably each will be clear. But some points discussed here I can not understand. I have a test basis, because I just needed a board of an output plug of a server's power supply partially milled away and went quite well. So I would as also a firewall for a brushless motor milling it. Since it is a DC motor, I'm going to test a Brush controller (plane) as a speed controller.

The disadvantage I feel that HobbyKing has no additional accessories in the program. I found at AliIExpress a wide selection. There unfortunately is no happily accept paypal.

All in all, an enrichment of my tool inventory for the hobby.
Will send this machine kit back, it is useless. The three-jaw-chuck and the collet chucks are running untrue, and the three-jaw-chuck jammed completely after i tried to remove the chucks. The quality of the rest is really good, but this could not save this machine kit. Sorry to say it, but stay away from it.
  • Mini 8 in 1 Machining Kit

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