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Cellpro 4s 4A Lithium Cell Balancing Charger

Cellpro 4s 4A Lithium Cell Balancing Charger

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335 g

The Cellpro 4s is simple to operate, just connect the Cellpro Revolution 4s charger between a power source and a pack. No jumpers, plugs or dials to set! Charger automatically determines pack capacity and sets optimal current, then dynamically adjusts charge rate as needed. Manual charge rates of 0.25A to 4A (in 0.25A increments) allow for special situations.

For battery type: Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, Lithium Manganese and A123 packs;
charger can be used with 1s to 4s packs having node connectors and
connected to charger with an appropriate adapter cable (see related products)

Pack capacity: 250mAh to 32Ah (charge time limited to maximum of 8 hours)
Input voltage: 12 to 16VDC*, reverse polarity protected
Input current: 5A minimum*
Power conversion: 62.5kHz switcher operating at 90% efficiency
Nominal output voltage: 4.20 volts per cell for all except A123 packs
3.60 volts per cell for A123 packs
Output current: Up to 4A, reverse polarity protected; 3A on 4s packs
Number of cells: (output) 1 to 4 cells in series
Cell balancing: To within 10mV
Voltage calibration: Cell voltage measurements are factory calibrated to a standard
traceable to NIST; calibration is to ±6mV
Current calibration: Charge current is factory calibrated on a 4A standard; calibration is to

Measurement accuracy:
Charge current: ±1%
Capacity added to pack: ±1%
Percent capacity (“Fuel”): ±5%
Serial data output: 19.2kbps, 8 bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity

NOTE: Balancing boards are sold sepperatly. Please see related products.

*WARNING: Power supply must provide at least 5A at 12V (60 Watts). Failure to comply
will void the charger warranty.


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This is a superb charger, I own 2 of it...paid more than double of the price posted here. The 5 star is for HobbyCity!
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verified_user Quality
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I have 3 of these from FMA of USA. They are my favorite small lipo charger. The charger maxes out at 4 amps and up to 4 cells. It charges through the balance plug only. They are a very accurate balance charger. It has an auto setting that works great for sensing the correct amperage for charging. It will also correct the balance of badly matched cell voltages. It may takes hours to balance unmatched cells in a pack. Make sure you get a balance board for you lipos. I also always use a 4S extension connected to the board.
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This is an excellent Lipo charger and balancer! I bought mine from another source. It is very light and easyto use, only drawback is the screen, it has no backlight, making it a little hard to see.


Este es un excelente cargador y balanceador de Lipos! Yo compre el mio de otro proveedor. Es demasiado sencillo de usar, lo unico malo es la pantalla que no esta bien iluminada dificultando un poco su lectura.
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