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(complete) Yak 55M 50cc~55cc Gas 2210mm (ARF)

(complete) Yak 55M 50cc~55cc Gas 2210mm (ARF)

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11165 g

This stunning Yak 55 is a superbly finished large scale model that has been designed very much with extreme 3D aerobatic's in mind. The airframe combines a very low flying weight with generous control surfaces to give the RC pilot precise control and amazing performance.

As well as featuring a high quality airframe, this Yak 55 really looks the part courtesy of it's fantastic colour scheme which has been achieved with quality covering that has been expertly applied and a deep gloss paint finish on the huge cowl and spats, the scheme is plain blue on the underside for orientation. For practicality, the wings and horizontal stabilizer are plug in, the the generous size canopy is screw on for security.

As well as being a looker, this large Yak is a performer and fitted with a powerful 50cc engine or electric equivalent, you can expect more than enough performance for prop hanging and those big, big maneouvers, yet the low wing loading will give you precise control during most extreme low speed 3D aerobatics. Set on low rates, the Yak becomes a very capable sport model, either way, nothing flies like a big model, especially one as capable as this!

Wingspan: 2210mm
Length: 1962mm
Wing Area: 94dm2
Flying Weight: 7200g
4 Channel/6 Servo

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
50cc~55cc Gas Engine (or electric equivalent)
5 x Digital MG High Torque Servo's + 1 x Throttle Servo
RX Battery


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I have the HK 50cc extra which is excelant value for money. This Yak is the same! Came well packed the price was brill and HK really need to the stock these! Only 4 stars coz' there was a very little scratch on the canopy. Can easily paint over it! Thanks a lot HK!!!
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verified_user Quality
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The plane is awesome fly's great, 50cc elec with esc and 10s battery is awsome 6-8 minutes on 4500 ,plane hangs great and good 3d, LANDING GEAR is GARBAGE, 3rd flight had to use a cable strut wire because the gear is aluminun and it bent, 7th flight gear failed and right strut rippedout of the body and damaged the covering. Need to put whole new landing gear, why anyone would design a 15 lbs plane with two seperate landing struts attached to 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch plywood with a small 2inch square peice of aluminum is MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. Other than that the plane is Awesome.
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verified_user Quality
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He recibido el avion hace dos dias, est bastante bien la relacion precio calidad es bastante aceptable, tengo el problema de que no viene preparado para instalar el canister, el tren es algo pesado pero creo que tambien lo es resistente. La carena del motor es de muy buena calidad y la decoracion general es impresionante.

I received the plane two days ago, is pretty good value for price quality is quite acceptable, I have a problem that is not ready to install the canister, the train is a little heavy but I think it is too strong. The hull of the engine is very good quality and the overall decor is impressive.
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