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Durafly™ Spitfire Mk5 1100mm (PnF) ETO Scheme

Durafly™ Spitfire Mk5 1100mm (PnF) ETO Scheme


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The Supermarine Spitfire is THE defining aircraft of World War 2 and following on from the Mk1a the Mk5 represents the pinnacle of early Spitfire development.   After the defensive campaign of the Battle of Britain, the RAF, RCAF and the USAAF moved steadily onto the offensive and the Mk5 became part of the spearhead of overall allied strategy, including air operations over France, North Africa and later during the Italian campaign.   Better armed, faster and more maneuverable, the Mk5 gave the RAF and other allied air forces including the USAAF, a decisive advantage over the Luftwaffe’s Bf109E and was on equal terms with the Bf109F, battling both of these axis aircraft in the ETO (European Theatre of Operations) as well as in the air war over the deserts of North Africa and the Mediterranean between 1941 and 1943.  Loved by its pilots and feared by the enemy, the Mk5 Spitfire’s reputation as a thoroughbred fighter was hard earned and well deserved and it will always have a special place in military aviation history as a result.

Durafly’s Mk5 Spitfire really does the full-size aircraft the justice it deserves.  Not only has Durafly produced a beautiful and accurate rendition of the Mk5 Spitfire, it brings to market (for the first time ever) a tribute to the gallant pilots of both the RAF and the USAAF thanks to the multiple and historically accurate national markings that have been supplied in the box.  But it's not just offering you the choice of these unique and authentic markings, the attention to detail in this plug and fly model is simply outstanding for a model in this scale and that is matched only by its superb flying performance and grace in the air.  The Durafly Mk5 is designed for 3s and 4s setups and boasts a range of features typical of Durafly’s exacting standards, especially when it comes to warbirds, including, scale parts, faithfully reproduced split flaps, a scale outline, fine surface detail and a premier paint finish along with an operating LED navigation system.

With this fantastic Mk5, Durafly has designed and produced not just the best, but the ultimate model Spitfire available in this scale and when you get your hands on one, you’ll know that’s no idle boast.  


• Plug and Fly, simply add Rx and Lipoly battery
• Tough EPO construction
• Wide flight envelope with stable and scale flight performance
• Quick assembly 
• Highly detailed scale finish
• Authentic ETO color scheme
• Choice of decal markings
• Pre-installed scale electric retracts
• Functioning scale flaps
• Scale outline and fittings
• Operating pre-installed navigation LED lighting
• Steerable tailwheel
• Can be flown on 3 or 4S

Wingspan:1100mm (43.3”)
Flying weight:1200/1300g (42/45oz) 3/4 cell
Length:1000mm (39.3”)
Servos:6 x 9g type (2 aileron, 2 flap, elevator, rudder)
Motor: Aerostar 3736 770Kv brushless outrunner
Prop: 3 blade 11.25x7
ESC: Aerostar 50amp
Battery: 2200-2600mah 3S 60-65C or 2200mah 4S 40C (Not included)
Channels: 5-6 channel required.

All hardware
Instruction Manual

Battery - 2200-2600mah 3S 60-65C or 2200mah 4S 40C
Your own 5-6 channel Tx/Rx 


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This is such a move forward for HK. The fit and finish are great, assembles with ease, great instruction book, and flies better! I took it up a few mistakes high and stall tested it, all it would do is nose down, no tip drop into a spin. That 3 degrees of wash out they designed in was spot on.
The MK 5 spitfires is defiantly a huge step forward and looks to be very scale. the packaging not perfect and some light rash on the plane when it arrived. the flaps scale wheels make the spit really pop for me .a p51B in Od and silver with malcom hood and scale wheels would be a great next choice .excellent job durafly four stars excellent product will try a three cell due to the extra weight of the four
  • Durafly™ Spitfire Mk5 1100mm

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