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EMAX Skyline32 plus OSD Flight Controller (Acro)

EMAX Skyline32 plus OSD Flight Controller (Acro)


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The Emax Skyline 32 + OSD Flight Controller is a smart choice for FPV Quad builders.  Great value and packed full of features they are ideal when you want performance without the weight, making them ideal for FPV Quad Racer projects and a very clean build.

This version of the Skyline 32 has an on-board OSD to simplify your build project again saving you weight and with this version, it can easily be turned off too if you want to avoid distraction during flight.

You can connect your FPV camera and video transmitter directly to the board and with MW_OSD already installed you can change the PID settings easily through the OSD without having to connect to a computer.  You simply follow the instructions on your monitor/goggles via the OSD and use your transmitter controls to make your required adjustments. Nice and easy!

The Skyline 32 is compatible with all Naze32 firmware including Cleanflight, Betaflight and Baseflight.   It also supports PPM signal via channel 1 in the RC_IN port (UART2) and SBUS signal via channel 4 in the RC_IN port (UART2). 

This is a compact but very serious FC board that punches well above its weight for the price.   

• Compatible with Cleanflight, Betaflight, or Baseflight
• Compact and light weight.
• Wire-to-Board micro connectors.
• Built-in gyro/accelerometer, magnetometer (no barometer with this version)
• Blackbox ready with 2MB of storable data.
• 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3v / 72MHz
• Manual Mode, Angle Mode, Horizon Mode, Head-Holding Mode, Head-free Mode
• Can be used in various multirotor configurations - Quad,Tri,Hex, Octo
• Flexible RC Input: PPM, Non-Inverted SBUS, PWM
• Flash latest firmware through the Micro-USB (**NOTE: Please be sure to leave OSD switch OFF when using Micro-USB)
• GPS Hold / Return-To-Home Feature supported (GPS module needed).

Dimension: 35mm x 35 mm x 5 mm
Weight: 4.8g  (W/O wires)

Skyline 32+ OSD (Acro)
RC breakout cable
vBat cable
buzzer cable
UART cables x2
Nylon Standoffs and nuts x 4
Header Pin Assortment (Straight and 90 Degree)


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Seemed like a good quality flight controller but after fiddling with settings and trying to get anywhere with the OSD I got nothing. Couldn't get any kind of signal out no matter what. I would buy the advanced version next time for the compass, but I didn't even get to try this one out other than the day of troubleshooting and eventually just hooking up a minimosd and turning on the serial output and even then I switched back to a CC3D

Stick to naze or CC3D, this is an offbrand FC.
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Skyline 32 Manual download now [1296kb]

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