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Hurricane 200 V2 3D Helicopter Kit w/ ESC /Motor

Hurricane 200 V2 3D Helicopter Kit w/ ESC /Motor

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1 g

The best 3D capable micro helicopter which use 11.1V/3S1P/LiPo battery in this class.Pre-assembled kit comeswith a 5600Kv motor,18A ESC and 15T pinion which produces quick power response and the best power efficiency to 3D maneuver. Equipped with CNC Universal Battery Plate provides more options to the C.G. adjustment and the installing of electronic gears.
New CNC Alu Tail Gear Case and Double Joints Tail Slider produce precision and the best tail control.
New Auto-rotation Main Gear Set with One Way Bearing (Belt driven).
New CNC Rigid Mixing Arms provide the high strength and rigidity to withstand crash.
New CNC Rotor Head and Stop Plate.
New CNC Mast Mount.
New CNC Integrated Tail Boom Clamp and Middle Mount.
New CNC Motor Mount comes with 2 motor mounts (Front or Rear).
New GF (1mm) mainframe set which is suitable for sub-micro and micro servo (Such as the size of GS-045HB or HS-45HB or HS-65MG servo).
New Fin and Tail(Type E).
New light-weight fiber glass painted canopy.
High Performance Stabilizer Blades and 42mm Tail Rotor Blades.
Kit comes with additional longer flybar produces quick response to 3D maneuver.
High Rigidity Landing Gear Brace.
The swash plate and the rotor head system equipped with all Precision CNC anodized aluminum.
Seesaw head with bell-hiller system.
CCPM collective pitch mechanism (variable pitch).
All mechanism equipped with Precision CNC Parts and Fully equipped ball bearings.(33 pieces of micro bearings)

Overall length: 415mm (including cabin & canopy)
Main rotor diameter: 428mm
Tail rotor diameter: 110mm
Motor: KV5600 brushless motor (included)
ESC : 18A ESC (included)
Flying weight: 280g ~ 300g (It may vary according to size of a battery pack and R/C gears.)
Main rotor blades: 200mm SP Blades(included) or Wooden(option)
Flying duration: 5~6 minutes with 7.4v/800mah Li-Po battery

Items needed for assembly:
6 (or more) channel heli-capable transmitter (with CCPM function)
3 Sub-micro or Micro servos for CCPM(Such as BMS 306BB or GS-045HB or HS-45HB or HS-65MG servo)
1 Micro Digital servo for tail control.
6 (or more) channel micro receiver
Gyro ( GU -210 heading hold gyro or higher level are recommended)
Battery : Li-Po battery (7.4v~11.1v/800mah/15C or more)
Charger: Li-Po battery charger

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Sehr gut verarbeiteter 3D Heli fr die Halle.Fliege ihn mit Robbe-Futaba401 & Hyperion am Heck,BB306 auf der den Turnigy 2s 1000mAh 30C erreicht man 8 Minuten sportlichen Rundflug bei 85% drezahl und das Heck steht perfekt.Verarbeitung(besonders die Schrauben) sind hochwertiger als man es von den "Rexen" kennt.Ersatzteilvesorgung ist gut und gnstig.Bei diesem Angebot muss man einfach zuschlagen:-)
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verified_user Quality
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You won't regret to get this small heli... i bought it more than 1 year ago... now im still flying it! prefect fly...
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verified_user Quality
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I have one of these little Hurricanes and really enjoying it for 2D sports flying on 2S800mah. I have fitted the $13 HK401b gyro and the tail is very steady on heading hold. A lot of fun because it has less inertia than a 450 or my Gaui 550 and can make rapid vertical moves. Been flying the bigger flybar weight Adaptors Stable Mode pn 203242 and cyclic super smoooth. If these things were $99 they would have sold thousands because fly so well.
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