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ImmersionRC Uno2400 2.4GHz FPV Audio / Video Receiver

ImmersionRC Uno2400 2.4GHz FPV Audio / Video Receiver

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The Uno2400 is a 2.4GHz audio/video receiver specifically designed for pilots who like to push the boundaries. The Uno2400 is an extremely sensitive, custom designed, best-in-class, NexWaveRF receiver.

Before the introduction of 2.4GHz R/C equipment, 2.4GHz was the primary band for FPV video down-links. Coupled with a UHF LRS (long range up-link), ranges of tens of kilometers were easily achievable. The ‘free space loss’ on 2.4GHz is much lower than it is on 5.8GHz, meaning signals go further with the same transmitting power.

The Uno2400 supports the 4 most common bands used by FPV enthusiasts. Pilots upgrading from Lawmate equipment will find all of their favorite frequencies on band 1, users with older ImmersionRC 2.4GHz ‘Airwave’ equipment are supported on band 2. Band 3 includes frequencies legal in the EU and band 4 includes frequencies legal for use in the USA.

As with all ImmersionRC receivers, the Uno2400 includes a single cable hookup to ImmersionRC ground stations or antenna trackers. Video, audio, power, and a bi-directional data link are all passed down a single cable to simplify ground station installations.

The receiver band and channel may be controlled remotely, with remote display of frequency in MHz, and received signal quality (RSSI) in dBm.

• 13 channel support including Lawmate, Airwave and international bands
• Exclusive high-quality NexWaveRF receiver technology
• Triple A/V output, for 3 viewing / recording devices
• Dual button user interface and remote operation from ground stations
• Several km range with 10mW CE legal transmitters

Sensitivity: -94dBm / -106dBm
Length: 85mm
Width: 75mm
Height: 25mm
Weight: 170g
Input Voltage: 6v ~ 16v
Power Consumption: 240mA

  • SKU 277000030-0
  • Brand ImmersionRC
  • Kapacita ( mAh ) -
  • Hmotnost 232.0000
  • Délka 110.00
  • Packaging Width 40.00
  • Výška 95.00
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