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Arduino Foundation and Project Component Kit

Arduino Foundation and Project Component Kit

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This kit makes for a great introduction to electronics and robotics when used alongside the Arduino tutorials and contains all of the parts needed to build many different projects.
It's also a good source of basic components for more advanced users.

Weight: 245 g

Resistors 100R x 10
Resistors 100k x 10
Resistors 220R x 10
Resistors 470R x 10
Resistors 1k x 10
Resistors 2.2k x 10
Resistors 4.7k x 10
Resistors 10k x 10
Resistors 22k x 10
Resistors 330k x 10
Resistors 1mOhm x 10
10UF Capacitors x 10
1UF Capacitors x 10
100UF Capacitors x 10
100NF Capacitors x 10
10NF Capacitors x 10
22PF Capacitors x 10
Red LEDs x 10
Yellow LEDs x 10
Blue LEDs x 10
Variable resistor
BC547 Triodes x 2
BC557 Triodes x 2
2N3904 Triodes x 2
2N3906 Triodes x 2
1N4007 diodes x 2
4N35 IC x 2
74HC595 IC
ULN2803 IC
Buttons x 5
Photo resistor   
TIP122 Triode   
IRF540 IC   
LM7805CV IC   
LD1117 IC   
Alligator clip wire   
830-hole breadboard   
Breadboard jumper wires

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