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Loc8tor Lost Model Finder System (Lite)

Loc8tor Lost Model Finder System (Lite)

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Never lose your model again with the Loc8tor Lite lost model system! This excellent little gadget is the perfect miniature location system for your model, keys or any other important personal belonging! Simply attach one of the miniature homing tags to your model and the remote handset will do the rest!

The loc8tor offers greater accuracy than any other locating devices available and the credit card-sized handset gives you audio and visual signals to lead you straight to your RC plane, multirotor or car.

The Loc8tor Lite system has a range of up to 122m/400ft (in clear line of sight) which means you can find your RC vehicle on any terrain, from fields to forests. At only 6 grams and with a diameter of just 32mm, the homing tag is among the smallest and lightest system in the world so there will be no concerns about adding extra weight to your model.

The Loc8tor is like an insurance policy for your pride and joy, don't lose it, locate it!

• Dual directional RF based technology
• Will locate your model even if it's completely hidden from view by giving you both audio and visual signals
• Accurate to within 25mm
• LED and audible functionality makes Loc8tor suitable for the hard of hearing and visually impaired!
• Long life battery (up to 7 months)
• Passive mode provides battery longevity
• Small and lightweight tag - just 5 grams
• Ready to use system - includes batteries

Handset Weight: 25g
Handset Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 6mm
Homing Tag Weight: 6g
Homing Tag Dimensions: 32 dia x 6mm 

Package Includes:
1 x Loc8tor handset
2 x Homing tags


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playlist_add_check Overall
after spending 4 hours in a corn field with my girlfriend , daughter and a mate walking up and down the corn lines I bought one of these , 10 mins to find it now do I have to say any thing more
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
Very bad. Range is 20m !max! in a grass field. The tags pop open on their own. Build in battery of the tags disconnects until reseated so very unreliable. Trust me, if you need it, it doesn't work because the tag fails.
Too bad it is in an unrefundable state, I tried to tape the tags to keep them closed. But then the internal battery moves and disconnects.
Unusable, don't buy. I wish I could get my 80€ back.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
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This thing worked at home. When I tried it after my first crash in a parking lot, I needed to be 10-15 meters away before it even registered. The next day, potentially after a crash or two, it has completely stopped working.
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