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M120 Dream 20~70lbs 30" Compound Bow R/H Camouflaged

M120 Dream 20~70lbs 30" Compound Bow R/H Camouflaged

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If you're looking for a great compound bow for sport shooting or bow hunting, this superb compound bow is hard to beat for performance and value!

The M120 Dream compound bow has a tec-style magnesium alloy riser for strength, light weight and stability while the double fiberglass limbs are attached rigidly by an adjustable mechanism to allow you to alter the draw weight between 20 and 70lbs in 3~4 lb increments.

One great advantage of using a compound bow is their ability to take advantage of a high IBO (International Bow-hunting Organization) speed at the same time as reducing the draw weight felt at maximum draw length. In the case of the M120 Dream, this is a 75% let-off, which translates to a holding draw weight of as little a 4lbs - Great while you're developing your shooting skills (not to mention the muscles!)

Advanced cam design and precise CNC production gives you speed, smoothness and perhaps more importantly, accuracy. This is enhanced further by using the included trigger type release aid.

All in all, a well-balanced, versatile bow and a fantastic bow for general sport use!

• High performance compound bow
• Magnesium alloy riser
• Double fibreglass limbs
• High precision aluminum alloy cams
• Stainless steel cable guard
• Limb mounted vibration dampers
• Adsjustable draw weights and lengths

Axle-to-Axle: 30"
Brace height: 8"
Draw weight: 20~70lbs
Draw length: 17~29"
Let-off: 75%
IBO velocity: <320fps
Weight: 3.61lb (1.63kgs)

M120 Dream 20~70lbs 30" Compound Bow R/H
Arrow rest
Bow mounted quiver
Wrist sling
12 carbon fibre arrows
Trigger release aid
String wax
Instruction manual

Never shoot the bow without an arrow as this will cause damage to the bow
Always check the condition of all of the bow parts before use
Always check with the relevant authorities in your area before using this bow for hunting.
Adult supervision required
Inspect Bow regulalrly before and after use

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