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Malyan M200 High Efficiency FDM Desktop 3D printer (EU Plug)

Malyan M200 High Efficiency FDM Desktop 3D printer (EU Plug)


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Following on from the other Malyan range of incredible 3D printers is the Malyan M200. This exciting and futuristic looking printer is state of the art and can even be controlled remotely using wifi or anywhere, anytime from your Smartphone using the "Malyan 3D Craft" APP. The M200 offers exceptional value for money and with its metal frame, robust construction and high precision extruder it is the must have choice for hobbyists and designers.

This 3D printer is incredibly easy to use, just load your file from either an SD card and start manually using the wide angle IPS color LCD screen and rotary selection knob, USB or wirelessly from your computer or via the APP, then start the print and it is as easy as that. By using your Smarthphone you can operate the printer anywhere at anytime, receive information of the printing process and share STL files. The M200 is suitable for printing with 1.75mm ABS and PLA filaments up to  a maximum speed of 180mm/Sec.

The printer includes all the other refinements that you would expect from a high end printer such as; aluminum adjustable heat bed, energy saving power dissipation, high precision extruder with cooling, powerful extrude feed, adjustable power supply and much much more. Whilst the print bed is smaller than other printers (120 x 120 x 120mm) it is more than large enough for most hobbyists projects.

• Compact efficient desktop printer
• Can be controlled remotely using a Smartphone and the Malyan APP
• Robust metal construction
• High precision extruder
• Aluminum adjustable heat bed
• Wide angle color LCD screen
• Powerful extrude feed with cooling
• Energy saving
• Simple and easy to use
• Able to print accurately at high speed
• Adjustable power supply (100~240V)

Print size: 120 x 120 x 120mm
Extruder: Single
Resolution: X/Y 0.011mm, Z 0.0025mm
Layer Resolution: 0.1mm
Max Moving Speed: 180mm/Sec
Technology: FDM
Support Material: 1.75mm ABS/PLA
Support Formats: STL/OBJ
Support System: Win7~10, Mac OS X, Linux
Support Software: Cura/Reptier-Host
Input Voltage: 12V
Power Supply: 100~240V
Nozzle: 0.4mm Ø
Display: Wide angle LCD screen
Max Extruder Temp: 250°C
Max Bed Temp: 60°C
Connection: USB, Micro SD, Wireless, APP
Offline Printing: Supported
Weight: 4.5kg

Malyan M200 3D printer
USB cable
Micro SD card
Adjustable power adapter (EU plug)
Filament rack
Plastic scraper
Instruction manual


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Mein erster 3D-Drucker kam nach 4 Tagen gut verpackt bei mir an. Bereits nach ca einer halben Stunde konnte ich ohne weitere Vorbereitungen meinen ersten Druck starten. Die Qualität der Drucke mit PLA ist absolut überzeugend. Mit ABS habe ich bisher keine guten Ergebnisse erzielt, was aber nicht heißt das es nicht geht. Schließlich habe ich den Drucker noch nicht einmal eine Woche bei mir.

Einen Stern muss ich leider abziehen weil bereits am zweiten Tag ein Kunststoffteil am Extruder abgebrochen ist. Ich konnte den Drucker aber notdürftig reparieren und mir ein Ersatzteil selbst ausdrucken. Mit dem neuen Teil fuktioniert er besser als vorher.

Das Klebeband auf dem Druckbett habe ich, da ich nichts anderes zur Hand hatte, erst einmal durch einfaches Tesa-Malerkrepp ersetzt. Für PLA funktioniert das wunderbar.

Fazit: Daumen hoch für dieses tolle Gerät

Falls jemand bereits erfolg mit ABS hatte, würden mich die Einstellungen dafür sehr interessieren.
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verified_user Quality
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Excellente petite imprimante, très propre, précise, belles créations. Elle a tout d'une grande à l'exception de la taille du plateau mais bien assez pour la plupart des impressions.

Je recommande :)
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verified_user Quality
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Der Drucker kam nach 3 Tagen mit GLS. Ausgepackt, angeschlossen, SD-Karte eingesteckt und 2h40min gedruckt. Super Ergebnis, selbst eine Ausrichtung des Druckbetts konnte ich mir sparen. Wirklich ein toller hochwertiger Drucker.
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Note: Contrary to the description, the EU Warehouse version does not come with a US plug, but a regular EU safety plug as it should.

You can find out all about this printer by googling for MP Select Mini, the brand name by which it has been sold by other vendors. There’s a very lively fan base with lots of knowledge and support. Heaving read pretty much all about it while waiting for it to arrive in the EU WH, I was expecting some issues, but I’m positively surprised after my first evening of printing.

This printer seems to have been improved in many regards compared to earlier batches:
- ships with firmware 22.39 (as of early Oct ’16)
- heat bed / hot end temp fluctuation PID problems are gone, both are nailed to the set temperature, varying -2 deg max.
- hot end is isolated with white insulation and Kapton
- fan shroud has been improved to also blow on the print.
I did not encounter any kind of rattling, my unit is solid as a rock. Neither did my power supply cause any problems (yet). The bed needed only minor height adjustment out of the box, I was literally printing within an hour.

I highly recommend this printer for starters (like myself). It’s good quality and incredible value for the money.
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