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HobbyKing 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Metal Composite 0.5KG Spool (Copper)

HobbyKing 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Metal Composite 0.5KG Spool (Copper)


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HobbyKing 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Metal Composite 0.5KG Spool (Copper)

HobbyKing have come out with a huge new range of 3D Printer Filaments at prices that will have you printing all day and all night.

The range covers PLA, ABS, Flexible, Color Changing, Luminous, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acetal (POM), Metal Composite and even a water soluble filament for printing molds. So there is a filament for every project you have in mind. HobbyKing filaments have a stable melting point, good round shape and most importantly a 0.01mm uniform diameter tolerance for a consistent flow rate.

Metal Composite:

These metal composite filaments are a combination of PLA with metal powder to give exciting combinations. They look and feel like the fabricated pure metal but have the ability to be easily printed from the template of your choice.

The metal composite range will give you some great looking, unique models.

3D printing is a fun and exciting hobby with a wide range of uses from prototyping parts to making toys for the kids. Picking the right filament for your application is very important.

• Stable melting point
• Good round shape
• Uniform diameter tolerance 0.01mm
• Consistent colors

Filament Material: Metal Composite
Melting Point: 200°C
Print Temperature: 190-200°C
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Quantity: 0.5KG
Color: Copper


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First the good - this is a very nice filament. Prints easily and has a copper shimmer out of the printer, which leads me to the bad. Copperfil looks very matte off the printer where this really doesn't. I don't believe this product contains any metallic copper. In fact I'm pretty sure of it. A 2m length of this weighs 6g, which is exactly the same as 2m of regular PLA. If it had any significant amount of metal in it it would be significantly heavier, like 3 times heavier for the real stuff. Trying to sand and polish this leads nowhere, as does trying to oxidise it. If there is any copper here (as opposed to coppery coloured plastic) there's not enough to make this what it's supposed to be.

Nice copper coloured filament, but don't buy it thinking it's a cheaper version of the real thing - it isn't.

Unfortunately I have rolls of the aluminium, brass and red copper to try too. As I do I'll report on those also.
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