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HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm (Blue/Silver) ARF

HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm (Blue/Silver) ARF


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The Pietenpol Air Camper is one of aviation's iconic home-built aircraft. In an era where barns became aircraft factories, Bernard H. Pietenpol intended his parasol design to be easy to build and fun to fly and the Air Camper was just that!

First flown in 1928 this classic airplane proved to be a great success and very popular amongst home aircraft builders.  Powered by the Model A Ford motor, it was available in kit form in the 1930's with four main variants being produced.

Since the 1930's the aircraft has continued to be built by enthusiasts from Pientenpols's original plans, utilising more modern powerplants of coure but sticking to orginal construction methods. In fact it has grown so much in popularity that in 2015 the Pientenpol Aircraft Company annouced the release of this golden age aircraft in kit form again after more than 70 years!

Our sport scale model was created in the true spirit of Bernie Pietenpol, it too is easy to build and fun to fly.  Like the full size Air Camper, the airframe is of course all wood but we've given it an epoxy fiberglass cowl, aluminum wing mount struts, a wire landing gear and large scale wheels. It really looks every bit a true Pientenpol both on the ground and in the air!

As for the flying, you're going to love it!  The large wing area and its light weight makes the Pietenpol Aircamper perfect for those lazy days at the field where flying low and slow is the order of the day.

This is a beautiful model of a classic airplane that is just a joy to fly.

• Classic design
• Classic Construction method, Balsa, Ply and Wire 
• Beautiful finish
• Docile flyer
• Perfect for all levels of pilot 

Wingspan: 1370mm
Length: 860mm
Weight: 1600g

4 channel Transmitter
35~36 850~1200kv brushless motor 
Lipo Charger
3S 11.1V 3000 ~ 3500mAh Lipo Battery
40 Amp ESC
4 X Servos
12 x 6 propeller


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This plane is absolutely awesome! Have wanted one of them since they discontinued version 1. Finally got one when the version 2 came out. The quality looked very good at first glance and build was fairly easy. The plans are not as detailed as they should be for someone newer. Some parts of the build you have to figure out on your own to make it work. The only complaint about this plane is the mounting brackets that hold the wing to fuselage. They are very narrow and the blind nuts did not line up very well with holes in the brackets. This lead to some of them not being as secure as the others without damaging or tearing apart the covering to fix. On my second flight on takeoff the wing broke loose from the brackets and the plane came crashing down. There are no replacement parts for this plane yet. I am having to build my own landing gear now, buy similar wheels from another vendor, and somehow manage to repair my brackets and my wings.
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  • Pietenpol Air Camper V2

  • HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm

  • HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm

  • HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm

  • HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm

  • HobbyKing Pietenpol Air Camper v2 1370mm

  • Maiden flight of my Pietenpol

  • Pietenpol air camper

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