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Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 Brushless ESC w/7A BEC

Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 Brushless ESC w/7A BEC

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Among all ESCs by Hobbywing, the Platinum series are the top of the line, using the best materials and designed for high end users for ultimate performance. This 60A-V4 ESC is the answer for 450~500 class helis and high performance aircraft, nowadays these models usually come with extremely powerful servos and motors, they have very high output, that means they are also very demanding on the power supply. This V4 ESC has the best micro-processor and capacitor available, specially designed to handle powerful equipment.

The Platinum V4 ESC has a 7A BEC with max 8V output, that means it can power up the most powerful servos on your model, and it takes 3S to 6S Lipoly batteries. Also great news for 3D heli pilots, it has a new “Governor Mode”, easier to operate than previous Platinum ESCs. Another feature of the V4 which is new is "DEO" (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology, this greatly improves throttle response and driving efficiency which increases flight time, it also reduces the temperature of the ESC, a good 20% less over a 6min flight. See the list below for the fantastic features that the Platinum V4 ESC's has to offer.

Programming is very simple and straightforward, you can either use the Hobbywing Multi-function LCD Program Box (see related items) or connect it to your PC via the programming port.

• High performance microprocessor for excellent motor speed governing and super soft start-up
• Microprocessor powered by independent DC regulator has better anti-interference performance which greatly reduces the risk of losing control
• DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology which greatly improves the throttle response and driving efficiency, also reduces the ESC temperature
• New switch-mode BEC with adjustable output voltage ranges from 5v to 8v and continuous/peak current of 7A/18A
• BEC is seperated from the other circuits of the ESC, it will keep its normal output even if the MOSFET board of the ESC fails
• Multiple flight modes: Fixed wing, Helicopter (Linear throttle), Helicopter (Elf governor), Helicopter (Store governor)
• New governor program with adjustable governor parameter, brings excellent speed governing effect. This guarantees the stability of the propeller revs when the loads change
• Data logging records the standardized RPM, minimum voltage and maximum temperature during flight
• "Restart in auto-rotation" can manually interrupt the auto-rotation and quickly restart the motor to avoid a crash
• Independent output port for RPM (motor speed) signals
• Separate programming port for ESC programming or parameter setting
• WIFI module (sold separately) for programming the ESC wirelessly with your smart phone (IOS or Android)
• Online data checking, ESC programming, firmware upgrade (Multifunction LCD program box or WIFI Express is required) supported
• Multiple protections like start-up protection, ESC thermal and capacitor thermal protection, overcurrent and overload protection and throttle signal loss protection

Continuous Current: 60A
Burst Current: 80A (10 sec)
BEC Mode: Switch Mode, 5~8V adjustable in steps of 0.1V, 7A continuous, 18A peak
Programmable: Yes
Battery cell: Li-PO: 3~6 cell (11.1V~22.2V)
Input/Output cable: Both 14AWG
Weight: 49g
Dimensions: 48x30x15.5mm

See under the "Files" tab for the user manual.


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