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Playful Puppy Robotic Kit with ATmega8 Control Board and IR Sensor

Playful Puppy Robotic Kit with ATmega8 Control Board and IR Sensor

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The loyal pet that needs no feeding, no walking and no commitment. This robotic puppy kit is a lot of fun and is a great introduction into the world of robotics. Comes in a kit form so full assembly as well as programming for the Arduino control board is required. The very comprehensive CD-ROM instruction manual guides you through the assembly, the preset programs and you can even program this puppy to do your own tricks and tasks.
It has a comprehensive hardware pack and includes all the tools needed for assembly. The only things you need to complete the build are 4 x AAA batteries, a mini USB lead and a spare evening.
It includes ten 9g servos, two for each leg and two for controlling the pan and tilt for the IR sensor (Head). Each servo has a miniature magnetic servo clutch to stop the gears from stripping ensuring longevity of your robot puppy. The limbs and clutches are made from an acrylic plastic and the pan and tilt head is pressed from aluminum. It has a fast assembly time and even has spare nuts, bolts, screws and washers included.
The control board is designed for various robot projects, allowing experimentation with other robot forms.

Overall, this robot puppy is a lot of fun and is a great learning tool.

• 10 x 9g mini servos
• Arduino compatible controller
• Detailed instruction manual
• Foam wheels (Paws)
• Tough Acrylic plastic construction
• Fast assembly   
• All hardware and tools included
• Develops assembly, electronic and programming skills
• No soldering required

Weight: 340g (Not Including Batteries)
Servos: 10 x DGServo 9g
Material: Acrylic Plastic and Aluminum
Control Board: ATmega8A with 8K Flash, 1KSRAM and EEPROM
Sensor: IR Compound Eye

4 x AAA NiMh Batteries
1 x Mini USB Cable

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.


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After waiting 3 weeks, my puppy finally arrived. Assembly of the kit took much longer than I thought and I broke a few screws which seem to be made of very soft allow. The servo joints are a bit wonky too. Other than this I'm very happy with this kit. It is a lot of fun and I have written a custom code to make it pee. I also modified the sitting motion code such that there is less load on the servos while the puppy sits (less buzzing from servos).
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Kit comes complete with everything needed to complete the unit. Decided to replace the controller with an UNO R3 for better performance.
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