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RD820 Dual Conv. 8CH Receiver 36Mhz

RD820 Dual Conv. 8CH Receiver 36Mhz

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1 g
RD820 is the lightest (only 9.5g) 8-channel, full range, and ultra narrowband Dual Conversion receiver. Decoded by the onboard microprocessor, the resolution reaches 1024 in order to adapt to the tightest dead band of the digital servo and accurate servo (usually 1ìs only). Compared with Single Conversion receiver, Dual Conversion receiver can reject the mirror frequency more effectively if they have the same components and use the same DSP algorithm. Thus, it gets more reliability. For adjacent channel interrupt (with the transmitters of channe50, 51, 52, 53 working together, and not far way form them), RD680 can reject it more effectively. According to the understanding the modern electronic industry of CORONA, the size and weight of RD820 are the smallest. Special design of the full range and full performance can let you install it on most of the 3D CCPM helicopters, 3D fix-wing plane, and park flyer easily, as well as the glider, the large-scale glow plane. In addition, RD820 can deal with the busy flight situation, and guarantee the safety of the fly.
See the RD 680 User Guide for more details.

Size 1.4”x0.85”x0.3”(35x21.5x7.8mm)
Weight 0.29oz/8.4g(with shrink wrap)
Sensitivity about 2.0ìV
Selectivity ±8kHz at 65dB down
Number of channels 1-8
Filtering Dual turned RF circuitry
Filtering Dual 4 element ceramic filter
Filtering DSP filtering in MCU with mild algorithm
Shift polarity positive or negative (auto-detect)
 Modulate  FM/PPM(pulse position modulation)
Case Shrink wrap
Operating Voltage 4.8V~6.0VDC
Operating Current 11mA

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I have tested these recievers against my Hitec and other recievers and found them to be more sensitive with a total lack of glitches. Our flying site has two distinct interference areas, these recievers seem to be imune to the glitches most other brands suffer in these areas.

Tested with Hitec Spektrum 7 Tx with the antena down.

Hitec reciever RCD3500. Started to glitch at 11 metres no responce at 17 metres.

RD820 Still stable and glitch free at 40 metres

I spend months building WW1 fighters I will be trusting them to RD820 recievers from now on.

I am using Hitec Dual conversion Crystals with these recievers.
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verified_user Quality
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A range check using a Hitec Optic 6 Tx (fully charged)with antenna down and Hitec dual conversion 36.430 Xtals holding one foamy in each hand and walking away from Tx gave the following results:

Corona RD820-36

First servo glitch @ 39M

First Motor glitch @ 45M

Total chaos @ 56M

Hitec Micro 555

First servo glitch @ 12M

First motor glitch @ 15M

Total chaos @ 20M

In the air the Corona has been the first Rx I have used that has been totally glich free (12 flights so far)

Only downside is the Xtal I used is not a tight fit in the socket, perhaps other brands are different.

Draw your own conclusion but I'm putting my other (much more expensive) Rx's on ebay
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Great micro rx. The best micro I've tried. out performs my jete rex ,futaba ,610 jr and feigo. totaly glitch free and with full range. Had to use a futaba dual conversion rock as my hitec didn't work( maybe a dud rock)Can't wait for them to come back in stock. I need more!
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