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Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario Italian Fighter 1650mm (ARF)

Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario Italian Fighter 1650mm (ARF)

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The Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario was technically one of the best Italian fighters designed during the 2nd World War. This aircraft and the previous models were based on the Seversky SEV-1 and P-35 all of which were designed by Roberto Longhi who was originally with Seversky and then returned to Italy to take up the position of Chief Designer at Reggiane. As a result the Reggiane series of fighters were in many ways far in advance of the other Italian companies.
The Italian Air Force suffered throughout the war from the fact that the Italian aviation industry had been unable to develop a really powerful engine for their fighters until the German Daimler-Benz engines were adopted.

Longhi began work on the Re.2005 in 1941 and completed the prototype in December. This fighter differed considerably from its predecessors, it had a larger wingspan, a longer more finely streamlined fuselage as well as outwards retracting landing gear which replaced the rearward retracting system of the earlier models. It was also more heavily armed with an engine mounted 20mm cannon, 2 wing mounted 20mm cannons and 2 fuselage mounted 13.7mm machine guns.
The first flights took place in the middle of 1942 and a speed of 421.6mph was recorded at 22,802ft making it the fastest Italian fighter of the war. Later the Luftwaffe fitted a VDM propeller to the 2nd prototype Re.2005 and the German test pilot recorded a top speed of 447.4mph at 23,950ft making it superior to that of the P-51D, Spitfire XIV and Bf-109G. The Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario is proof that the Italian aviation industry was capable of designing and producing fighters that were equal if not superior to any used by their opponents.

Our model of the Reggaine Re.2005 Sagittario captures the essence of this beautiful looking fighter and the elegant lines that the Italian designers are renown for. Couple with this the beautiful flying characteristics and you have an unusual and rarely modelled 2nd World War fighter that will be the envy of all those down at the local flying field.

The Re.2005 can be either powered by electric or gas and the recommended power is 10-20cc gas/nitro or equivalent electric. The fuselage is molded in fiberglass which captures the beautiful lines of the real thing perfectly and also has the panel lines molded in. The wing construction is of laser cut balsa wood and ply which makes a lightweight but high structural strength wing. The cowl is also manufactured in fiberglass and the canopy is a well detailed plastic molding, a selection of accessories are also included. The model comes with a fixed landing gear set but retracts can be fitted if you wish.

• Unusual and rarely modelled subject
• Laser cut balsa wood construction
• Lightweight with high structural strength
• Highly efficient airfoil
• Accessory pack
• Molded canopy and cowl

Wingspan: 1650mm
Length: 1550mm
Wing Area: 46.8 dm2

6~8 channel transmitter and receiver
10~20cc gas/nitro engine or electric equivalent
7~9 standard size servo's
Receiver battery (gas/nitro)

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