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RJX CAOS 330 FPV Racing Drone Combo w/Motor, ESC, Flight Controller, Camera & FPV System (Orange)

RJX CAOS 330 FPV Racing Drone Combo w/Motor, ESC, Flight Controller, Camera &...


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Fancy getting into drone racing? Then the RJX CAOS 330 FPV racing drone is just the ticket and will feed your "need for speed". It has has been designed to compete in the popular 250 class, the 330mm measurement is taken by measuring from motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. The CAOS 330 has a striking style that ticks all the boxes and is the ideal starting point to building a small yet fully functional FPV quadcopter.  The symmetric design allows it to accommodate the use of the popular 5~6" size propellers.

The airframe is super tough carbon fiber with board camera mount and quality aluminum frame posts. It features CNC cut 2.3mm thick arms which are both rigid and strong with new motor mounting holes allowing more options for different bolt patterns, easy lipoly access and much more, see list of features below.

This version of the CAOS 330 takes all the guess work out of which motors, speed controllers and flight controller to use. It is supplied complete with 4 x RJX D2204-2300Kv motors, 4 x Skywalker 12A speed controllers, 1 x RJX CC3D flight controller, 4 x RJX 6x4.5 props plus a distribution board with plugs and sockets etc. This super combo package also includes a PNP FPV system comprising of a Sony 4143+633 camera, a TS5823 5.8GHz 200mW 32ch transmitter with matching antennae for taking your quad racing to the next level with full FPV capability.

The CAOS 330 produces a vibration and jello free platform to give excellent HD video results. This is achieved by a vibration free performance and high-quality antivibration mounts. The CAOS 330 is simple and lightweight with a reduced parts count and reduced failure points.

• New motor mounting holes which offer more options for different bolt patterns
• Thick carbon fiber for the motor mounting plates
• Flight controller cover plate includes cut-outs for SMA connectors and adapters for the video transmitter
• Easy access for the lipoly battery
• Support for 32mm board camera's as well as those with cases and mounting brackets
• Support for HD camera's such as the Mobius
• Stylish fiberglass 2 piece body/canopy set
• High-quality RJX motors
• High-quality 12A speed controllers
• Distribution board and connectors
• Stiff carbon reinforced propeller blades
• Sony 4143+633 camera
• TS5823 5.8GHz 200mW 32ch transmitter
• 1 pair of matching antennae

Dimensions: 330mm (measured from motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally)
Height: 20mm (between frames)
Height: 70mm (overall height)
Weight: 170g (airframe only)
Approx AUW: 540g (includes flight electronics, FPV gear and a Mobius HD camera)
Body Color: White/Orange/Silver/Black

1 x RJX CAOS 330 airframe with board camera mount and hardware set
1 x Fiberglass body/canopy set
4 x Antivibration rubber grommets
2 x RJX D2204-2300Kv brushless motors (CW)
2 x RJX D2204-2300Kv brushless motors (CCW)
4 x Skywalker 12A speed controllers with BEC
2 x RJX 6x4.5 carbon reinforced propellers (CW)
2 x RJX 6x4.5 carbon reinforced propellers (CCW)
1 x RJX CC3D Flight controller with leads
1 x Distribution board
1 x RJX Sony 4143+633 camera with wiring harness
1 x RJX TS5823 5.8GHz 200mW 32ch transmitter (RP-SMA) with adapter leads
1 x Transmitter antenna (RP-SMA)
1 x Receiver antenna (RP-SMA)
Assorted plugs, heatshrink, tie wraps, double sided tape, hook and loop tape, battery strap etc

Transmitter Channels:
FR1(A): 5865/5845/5825/5805/5785/5765/5745/5725
FR2(B): 5733/5752/5771/5790/5809/5828/5847/5866
FR3(E): 5705/5685/5665/5645/5885/5905/5925/5945
FR4(F): 5740/5760/5780/5800/5820/5840/5860/5880

1 x 1300-3S~4S Lipoly battery
1 x 4ch or greater RC system
1 x FPV goggles
1 x Lipoly charger


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This review is relative to the $90 CAD sale price I bought it for. This is my first quadcoptor kit that I personally built. With the instructions I found online, it was very easy to put together. The 5 seconds of flight time that I got out of the drone suggested it was a very capable drone.

Until it flew towards me and cut my arm up. Last time I mess with carbon fiber props... :c
The frame does need to be adjusted. Parts as described in the manual have to be lightly sanded, no problem there. The manual is my issue. When I received my drone I rapidly started getting confused as to what goes where and what bolts belong where. Its like a over compensating Ikea instruction manual. I ended up killing 4 hours trying to figure it out having no experience building one of these before.
Sanding, Crazy glue and thread lock would have been a asset in the description for the beginners to know before making the purchase.
Other then that, I found in the end the product is well worth it, time and money
I bought this when it was special and that's the only reason why it gets 4 stars. The carbon fibre parts needed finishing to fit and the carbon key ways were machined poorly, breaking off with little effort. Also, the fiberglass canopy was warped. At its current price, it represents poor value

  • Rjx 330 Racing Quad

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