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Scorpion Commander V 59V 160A ESC (SBEC)

Scorpion Commander V 59V 160A ESC (SBEC)

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The new generation of Scorpion ESC's offer power stability to 160Amps and a voltage range up to 59V, thats 14 cell Lipo's! The Commander V ESC features an excellent built-in internal governor, and also supports external governor.

As with other Scorpion ESC's, the Commander V offers infra-red programming and is supplied complete with a program card and infra-red sensor module.

The Commander V ESC is armoured with an aluminum case which also offers improved heat dissipation and the ESC is finished in Scorpion signature Gold. As a result of these excellent new features, this state of the art Commander V ESC delivers excellent performance and can handle extreme continuous current like no other ESC!

Programming Options:
LVC = Low voltage cut off: 140 (14v) to 480 (48v).
BRK = Brake setting: 1: No brake, 2: Very soft brake, 3: Soft brake, 4: Hard brake, 5: Very hard AIR = 1: Activate airplane mode, 2: External governor mode
PCT = Program cut type (LVC type): 1: Cut 50%, 2: Just LED warning, 3: Pulse warning
MAT = Motor acceleration time delay: 1: 0.15sec, 2: 0.3sec, 3: 0.45sec, 4: 0.7sec, 5: 1.3sec
CAR/B = Disabled
COP = Current overload protection: 1: Sensitive, 2: Normal, 3: Insensitive
FREQ = Drive frequency: 1: 8 kHz
SS = 1: Soft start without governor mode, 2: Soft start with governor
TIM = Motor timing: 1: Auto timing, 2: 5 Deg, 3: 15 Deg, 4: 20 Deg, 5: 25 Deg, 6: 30 Deg
P Gain = Power gain: 1 to 11 (soft to hard), Default: 5
I Gain = Integral gain: 1 to 8 (insensitive to sensitive), Default: 5
BEC Voltage: 1: 5.4v, 2: 6.2v, 3: 7.4v

Weight: 256g
Max Continuous Current: 160A
Peak Current: 200A
Operating Voltage Range: 14-59 Volts
BEC Output Voltage: 5.5V to 8.2V adjustable
Max Continuous BEC Output: 10 Amps @ 8.2 V
Peak BEC Output: 15 Amps/1s @ 8.2 V
Max BEC Output: 7.2V 10A
Size: 100 x 53 x 25 mm

Included in the Box
1 x Scorpion Commander V 59V 160A ESC (SBEC)
1 x IR Transmitter (Programming Card)
1 x IR Receiver
1 x Instruction Manual

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