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SD Card Reader/Writer for Kingduino and other Microcontrollers

SD Card Reader/Writer for Kingduino and other Microcontrollers

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This SD Card Reader/Writer is ideal for many Micro-controller projects (Arduino, Pic, Versalino, etc...)
Including (but not limited to) projects involving sensor and other data logging activities.
Audio playing and/or recording.
Video, Image, and other multimedia storage and retrieval for advanced embedded applications.
Processing large quantities of data with a robot, or storing/retrieving items larger than the limited memory available on your microprocessor.

This can be used for a broad range of applications from scientific data collection for biological/geological and other statistical studies in the field, to storing map data for your robots surroundings in and outside the home.

Working Voltage: 3.3 & 5V DC
Requires SPI Capable Microprocessor
Size limitations are library dependent, but most microprocessors have libraries pre-coded that will support sizes upward of 1GB
7 wires required (including power and ground)
Fits standard size SD Cards

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.

  • SKU 381000042
  • Brand -
  • Kapacita ( mAh ) -
  • Hmotnost 11.0000
  • Délka 75.00
  • Packaging Width 20.00
  • Výška 50.00
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