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iSDT SC-620 Smart Charger (500W)

iSDT SC-620 Smart Charger (500W)


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A new look charger is on the scene. This unique wedge-shaped charger will provide plenty of punch, a whopping 500 Watts.

ISDT chargers feature an innovative and intuitive interface giving the user access to advanced charging features while remaining simple and easy to use, even for the novice user. Easy controls allow for fast programming while the small size ensures this charger will fit in just about any toolbox.

It has a novel way of connecting batteries, via a built in XT60 connector and an easy to use balance lead connector. To top it off the input connector is also an XT60 making it easy to power off a large LiPoly battery or from a DC power supply.

Just in case your phone power runs out there is a USB connector to provide 5V/2A to keep you topped up.

And the innovations don’t stop there.

2.4-inch IPS LCD

The SC-620 uses a 260,000-color screen, with a 178° viewing angle providing picture quality that is the most outstanding in its class. Even in direct sunlight conditions the image remains sharp and highly visible.

S.C.O.S (Smart Charger Operating System) is made for simple charging!

With a bright-colored user interface design and optimized display, setting and status information is shown in great clarity, meaning a quick glance can give you all the information you need. Task menus are quick and simple to navigate and 80% of the operating steps of ordinary chargers have been eliminated. The SC-620 features an operating system that can be updated online via your PC. This means your charger can be continually optimized, providing you with a product that will continue to improve.

ARM 32-bit high-speed CPU

Powered by the ARM Cortex-M4, the SC-620 offers amazing speed with its 32-bit operation. This provides a 20-fold increase in data processing capacity when compared to traditional chargers.

High conversion efficiency and power-to-volume ratio

The SC-620 offers high-efficiency synchronous digital power technology meaning more power is transferred to your batteries and less power is wasted through the conversion process. High Purity copper is used to ensure excellent thermal transfer properties and reductions in heat, along with a high-speed mini-fan to provide active cooling with a 50% volume reduction and 300% power increase.

One-key shuttling

Simple and natural shuttling movements have created an elegant replacement for clumsy point-and-touch finger operations. A single key is used for every function, providing a crisp and precise experience.

Design Innovation

With innovative design, the thinnest part is only 4mm. While the power output has been increased to an amazing 500W. XT-60 connectors have been used for both input and output terminals, making it safer and more convenient to connect to batteries. High-speed fans and a well-designed air duct not only ensure adequate cooling but also greatly reduce the size.

• ARM Cortex-M4
• 2.4-inch IPS LCD
• One-key shuttling
• USB Interface (for charging phones or other USB charged devices)

Input voltage: DC 9-32V
Output voltage: 0-30V
Charging current: 0.1-20.0A
Discharge current: 0.1-5.0A
Maximum charging power: 500W
Maximum discharge power: 15W
Balance current: 1A/cell
Balance string number: 1~6S
Battery types supported: LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv (1~6S); NiMH/Cd (1~16S); Pb (1~12S)
Display type: 2.4” 320x240 IPS LCD
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Storage temperature: -20-60°C
Dimensions: 115x130x52 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: 289g



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Nice charger, somehow in storage mode it doesn't discharge more than 1.6A, my power supply is revoelectrix, no issues on that. that's why 4 stars. There is no balance charge option either, i guess charge option is balance charge.
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Gewicht 282g ohne Kabel

Kabel inkl. Stecker XT-60 und Krokoklemmen 56cm lang 33,6g schwer

Abmessung 137,5 x 114 x 47mm

modernes Ladegeraet mit toller Leistung (auch HV-Lipos)handlich, klein, robust, einfach (auch zu bedienen)

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verified_user Quality
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Have only used this charging system for a couple of days and thus far I really like it! IT performs and operates just like the attached video for the unit. The only down side is that I had to rethink all my charge leads and connectors. Not a big deal but can be worked out! I would gladly recommend this charger to anyone. Just don't increase the price!

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