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T-Rex Metal Robot Tank Chassis (1pc)

T-Rex Metal Robot Tank Chassis (1pc)

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The T-Rex tank chassis is a durable, all metal robot chassis designed for traversing rough terrain. Its ultra high ground clearance, wide metal treads, independent suspension and two powerful brushed motors allow your robotic creations the freedom to go almost anywhere.

Inside the tank chassis is a large area for controllers and batteries to be installed and it features a quick access panel in the front for quick battery access. It also has a removable front sensor panel for mounting a wide variety of sensors. This all metal chassis is very rugged and offers good corrosion protection where it is needed. The tracks, suspension struts, wheels and gears are all made from die cast zinc and the main body from aluminum so no need to worry about mud, this really is the go anywhere chassis.

Recommended for a 3S 5000mAh LiPoly battery to power the 12V motors and the T-Rex controller (sold separately) giving maximum control for a number of applications.

• Large go anywhere tracks
• Solid construction
• Compatible with the T-Rex controller
• Zinc and aluminum anti corrosion construction
• Quick access battery hatch
• Can be fully customized
• All metal gearboxes
• Includes necessary tools for maintenance

Dimensions: 355x265x130mm
Weight: 3.7kg
Ground Clearance: 70mm
Motor Voltage: 12V
Typical Current: 4A
Stall Current (Measured using 3s 5000mAh LiPoly): 11A



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The right motor failed 5 minutes after I received it. I waited a month for the replacement part so far, but there's still no news. Hobbyking blames Dagu, but who knows.

The tracks get thrown and even after only 5 minutes, the interior was full of metal dust from the gears. after I get a new motor, if I get a new motor, I don't expect much.

It is a nice idea but don't buy it unless you are very patient and are willing to rebuild it.
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verified_user Quality
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This is not a bad frame but I have had some issues with it, one issue is the track always jumps off, it happened once or twice at first but now it jumps off all the time it is really loose, due to the suspension system it is only a bent wire that starts to loose its functionality fast, I will try removing a couple of track pieces to see if it would help. Another issue I had just after 30 minutes of operating it the drive gears started to slip, the brass bushing has worn out because of the force the motor is putting on the mechanism, I contacted Dagu and they are willing to send me new parts. Only one gear box is slipping because the positioning of the motors are in different spots. Over all I am still quite satisfied with the chassis because it is all metal and I know I can take care of all of these issues, I might try installing some RC car suspensions on it.
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