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MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack

MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack


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MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack

The MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack is another excellent bag in the MultiStar range. It comes in a weatherproof hybrid fabric with dustproof zippers. Two padded, adjustable back straps make it easy to carry with a neat pickup strap.

There are two huge compartments. At the bottom of the pack there is a padded compartment that will fit most Drones from Quanum Nova/Nova Pro or Phantom 2, 3, 4 sized camera drones down to 250 or smaller FPV racing drones. Just change the dividers to fit the drone. There are also four pockets attached to the dividers for keeping all your bits and pieces safe. The compartment at the top of the pack is large enough to store both your goggles, Cyclops of course, and radio transmitter, like a Quanum i8. On each side there are zipped mesh pockets to store batteries or other bits and pieces.

The MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack will keep your drone and equipment together in a great handy bag. Easy for storage and always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Comes at the right price.

• Two large compartments
• Fits Quanum Nova / Nova Pro or Phantom sized Camera Drones
• Fits most FPV Racing Drones
• Weatherproof
• Padded straps

Outside dimensions: 490x350x230 (H/D/W)
Large compartment dimensions: 330x310x250mm
Small compartment dimensions: 420x140x130mm
Weight: 1230g


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I bought an almost identical bag from a Chinese retailer a couple of weeks ago. This (HK) one's dimensionally identical to the other one, But the materials are slightly different.. Where the other has a felt like material inside, This one feels like a nylon fabric. This is a decent plus point because the other one's velcro on the inner pockets keeps grabbing onto any other part of the inner material whenever I open the flaps. The zips also feel to be better quality on the HobbyKing bag. The only reasons I bought the other one first was because HobbyKing were dragging their heals getting this one into the UK warehouse, And I'm not a fan of the flashy logo on it that could give away the fact that it probabbly contains something expensive. The bags quality is really good for the price, And as long as I can remove the logo, I'll be a happy camper. :)
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verified_user Quality
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Ordered this for the Nova Pro. Was happy to see this pop up in the EU warehouse. Not that happy with the price compared to the HK warehouse, but ordering from there means higher shipping costs and import duties and tax on large packages like these. Quality is nice, and a huge ammount of space. It is a rather large backpack however, but I think so much nicer than those with a foam insert. 5 stars.. considering the price is not al that bad after all.
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  • MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack

  • MultiStar Universal Drone Backpack

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