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Tiger 1 RTR w/TX/Sound/Infrared

Tiger 1 RTR w/TX/Sound/Infrared

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2363 g

Tiger I is the common name of a German Heavy Tank developed in 1942 and used in WW2. The final official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E, often shortened to Tiger. It was an answer to the unexpectedly formidable Soviet armour encountered in the initial months of Operation Barbarossa. The Tiger I gave the Wermacht its first tank mounting the famous "88mm", which had previously demonstrated its effectiveness against both air and ground targets. During the course of the war, the Tiger I saw combat on all German battlefronts. It was usually deployed in independent tank battalions, which proved to be quite formidable.

This superb 1/24 scale Battle tank features proportional RC control and is fitted with an Infrared cannon that allows you to battle with other tanks in the range, the model has a life counting system that will disable the tank after a certain number of hits, the model will also register hits in terms of physical movement and has a recoil action when the cannon is fired, the gun turret can be moved and the gun elevated for that totally scale effect. In addition to this, the Tiger has a built in sound module with engine, cannon and machine gun sounds!

This tank has plenty of power to clear obstacles and tackle rough ground and features a repairable rubber track that runs over individually sprung wheels, it is tough, very scale and a huge amount of fun, especially when you have a buddy to battle with!

Type: Tiger 1
Firing Mechanism: Infared
Weight: 1143g
Speed: 3 Forward and 2 reverse Speeds
Length: 350mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 120mm

Tiger 1 Battle tank
Radio Controller

16 x AA Battery


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I got my Tiger Tank today together with a Leopard A6 . I got to tell you the picture of the Tiger does do it justice. You need to see this in person so to speak. It's actually a dirty white with a touch of some mud and dust. The packaging is superb, it is bolted(yes screwed) in the box and their is no way to damage this in transit except for really bad handling. The modeling is excellent and the mechanics are great. Now some warning about the Tiger tracks. It is held by a big zip lock,so be careful in taking it out for you may disloged the connections. I did but it is easy to connect snaps together with a hook/lock. Also be very careful about where the crystal beam for the tiger? It is not where they say it is..I snap/broke my air intake cover by prying/forcing it like they say in the instruction, but it is the wrong place. The crystal is next to it with a little cover. Just rotate it and it will pop up. For the Leopard A6, it's where they say it is. The Tiger looks so good that I am thinking of really just putting it on a model shelf and not play with it...maybe I will put some miles and battle on it before shelving it, to say it saw combat. The IR beam and sounds are excellent. Don't know how long the recharchable batteries will last...will keep you all posted. BTW got this from HK and YESSS it's a VS Pro Tank...except for the older stick controller..all are the same
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