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Trackstar Brushless Turbo 120A ESC V2

Trackstar Brushless Turbo 120A ESC V2


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The Turnigy TrackStar Turbo series of ESCs offer excellent performance and features at a great price.


Featuring a CNC alloy case which incorporates the heatsink for the Mosfets, neat terminal cups for both the battery input and ESC output cables. The ESC software has a large number of user programmable settings such as Punch, initial brake, drag brake, boost timing RPM, boost timing, Turbo timing, Turbo delay, Turbo ramp, boost acceleration - allowing this ESC to be customised in nearly every way you could ever need for 1/12 or 1/10 scale on or off road racing!


So what is Turbo? Well simply put - Turbo is a short duration burst of top end motor RPM and power - best used sparingly, it is similar in effect to KERS on the current Formula 1 cars but it doesn't stop after a few seconds! The Turbo function is fully user programmable too, so you can adjust when the boost kicks in and by how much.


TrackStar ESCs have superior throttle linearity for smooth start-up/acceleration, excellent brakes and have fully adjustable programming options.   


These ESCs have been purpose designed and built for the toughest RC vehicle applications and offer durability, quality and very high performance for a lot less than you might expect to pay. 


• Excellent throttle response with precise throttle linearity for excellent acceleration
• Fully Programmable
• Dual sensor ports
• Multiple protection features
• Vortex shape and special coating of heat sink for faster heat removal
• Special capacitor attachment
• Interface free bottom of case
• Suitable for up to 4.0T brushless motors
• Powerfull cooling fan attached to top of ESC
• Programmable via USB (USB adapter sold separately) 


Programming Options:
Operation Mode: Forward/Brake/Reverse; Forward/Brake Only
Initial Brake: 10% ~ 80%
Drag Brake: 0% ~ 40%
Brake Strength: 50% ~ 100%
Voltage Cutoff: None ~ 3.5V/cell
Punch Profile: Level 1 ~ 9
Neutral DeanBand: 1% ~ 8%
Boost Timing: 0deg ~ 60deg
Turbo Slope: 3deg/0.1s, 6deg/0.1s, 12deg/0.1s, 18deg/0.1s, 24deg/0.1s, Fastest
Turbo Timing: 0deg ~ 60deg
Boost Timing RPM: 1000 ~15000
Turbo Delay: Off, 0.05sec, 0.1sec, 0.15sec, 0.2sec, 0.25sec, 0.3sec, 0.35sec, 0.4sec
Boost Timing ACC: 50RPM/deg ~ 700RPM/deg
Reverse Speed: 25% ~ 100%
Drive Frequency: 8Khz, 16Khz, 24khz, 32khz
Brake Frequency: 1,2,4,8,16Khz


Continuous Current: 120A
Burst Current: 760A
Suitable Car: 1/10 on and off road
Battery: 2cells Lipo (6 cells NI-MH)
BEC output:6V/1A switch mode built-in
Running mode: Forward only or forward with reverse (user programmable mode)
Dimension: 37 x 37 x 37mm
Weight: 93g


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bought one , like it. got the program card as well works a treat. very flashy. fits in my 17.5 b5m snug.
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